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Dr Martina Cirlini, born in Parma in 1979, is Fixed Term Researcher in Food Chemistry, at the Food & Drug Department of the University of Parma (SSD CHIM/10). She graduated in Chemistry at University of Parma in November 2004 studying a method for the research of analytical molecular markers for the characterization of different varieties of cocoa beans. In 2009 Dr Martina Cirlini got her PhD in Food Science and Technology at the University of Parma with a dissertation on the characterization, authentication and quality evaluation of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. Afterwards, Dr Cirlini had a Post-Doc position in Food Chemistry at the Department Food Science, University of Parma. Her interests were focused on the study of the occurrence of free and masked mycotoxins in cereals. Besides mass spectrometry, her research activity also involved analyses based on proteomic, lipidomic and metabolomic techniques for the characterization of infected cereals. During this period, Dr Martina Cirlini has spent 2 periods as visiting scientist at the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Mycotoxin Research (IFA-Tulln Analytical Center, BoKu University of Vienna, Austria), working in the group of Prof. Franz Berthiller. Currently, f(rom December, the 31st of 2016) Dr. Martina Cirlini has become Fixed Term Researcher (type A) at the Food & Drug Department of the University of Parma.

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Scientific activities: 1) Characterization of the volatile and aromatic fraction of different food by the application of head-space solid phase micro-extraction technique (HS-SPME) coupled with GC/MS analyses; 2) Characterization of food chemical composition by the application of chromatographic (GC and LC), spectrometric (MS) and spectrophotometric (UV-Vis) techniques; 3) Study of the occurrence of contaminants as pollutants, mycotoxins, and alkaloids, in different food matrices applying the use of tandem mass spectrometric techniques (UHPLC-MS/MS).



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