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Since 2007, he is Researcher in Didactics and Education (M-PED/03) in University of Parma, where he teaches Didactics and Pedagogy of marginalization and social outcasts.
He started his professional activity in 1995 in an institution for education and rehabilitation of aggressive children. In 1996 he is appointed quality and evaluation system manager of a vocational training and life-long learning agency. In 1998 he worked for the implementation of the item banking of National Agency for the Evaluation of the Education and Training System, and for the first three projects of the new-born National Agency for Evaluation.
Since 2000 to 2008 he supervised and realized teachers’ training projects about student assessment and evaluation of educational institutions; in the meanwhile he worked in institutions for high school teachers’ traning in Lazio.
In 2000 he worked for the Province of Latina and for some high schools to collect data about student outcomes.
In 2003 he collaborated with ACLI (Christian Workers’ Union). He planned and implemented many projects and their evaluation system. The most important project was about the evaluation of new models of vocational educational training in Puglia.

He studies school evaluation and student outcomes.
He took part to two ISFOL researches published in ISFOL, Quarta indagine sull’offerta di formazione professionale a finanziamento pubblico, Roma, Libri FSE, 2004 and in Allulli G., Tramontano I. (a cura di), I modelli di qualità nel sistema di formazione professionale italiano, Roma, Unione Europea – Fondo Sociale Europeo, Ministero del Lavoro e della Previdenza sociale, ISFOL, 2007.

He also wrote Item analysis e didattica, published in Benvenuto G. (Ed.), Verifica e valutazione dei processi formativi, Nuova Cultura, 2007. He edited also, with G. Benvenuto, an anthology: La valutazione scolastica: letture e riflessioni, Nuova Cultura, 2008. On student outcomes he wrote his PhD dissertation, later published as A. Giacomantonio – G. Benvenuto, Scuola o lavoro?, Anicia, 2004.

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