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Ph.D., currently Assitant Professor in the History of Philosophy at the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries, University of Parma.

Main research topics: Comparative history of ideas; philosophy of the body; philsophy of the Posthuman; relationship between philosophical,literary, and scientific thought.

-Born: 09/05/1971
-1995: Degree in Philosophy at the University of Parma (110/100 cum laude) (Degree Thesis: Roger Bacon and the Encylopaedia of Sciences)
-2000: Teaching Diploma in History and Philosophy (81.50/100)
-2001: Ph. D. in Historical-Theoretical Problems of Philosophical Anthropology (University of Parma)
Since 2001: Assistant Professor in the History of Philosophy

On appointment. Please, write an e-mail to

Lines of research

Comparative history of ideas; philosophy of the body; philosophy of the Postman; relationship between philosophical, literary, and scientific thought.


Co-founder of Rete Postumana Italiana

Organization and conduct, together with Francesca Ferrando (NYU, New York) and Stefano Rozzoni (University of Bergamo), of the Settimana Postumana (2022, October 23-30), the first hybrid event of the Rete Postumana Italiana:


Office location

Dusic Dept., via D'Azeglio, 85, Parma, stanza 48, II piano

Tel. 0521/032540