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Michela Semperbon is Researcher and Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Parma since November 1st 2021. Previously she was Research Fellow at the Unesco SSIIM Chair of University Iuav in Venice (2017-2021), the University of Bologna (2015-2017) and the University of Milano-Bicocca (2006-2015) and Lecturer at the Politecnico in Milan (2015-2016), the University of Bologna (2016-2018) and the University of Bergamo ( 2018-2020). She was Visiting Researcher at the Haute Ecole des Sciences Sociales in Paris (2019) and at the Center for Migration, Policy and Society in Oxford (2015). She holds a PhD in Urban and Local European Studies (Urbeur) awarded by the University of Milano-Bicocca, with a thesis on urban conflicts and the political participation of migrants. At the same university, she collaborated in projects on urban security policies, with the FarsiCura research group and in lecturing activities within the module “Intercultural Relations”. She currently collaborates in the Erasmus+ PusH project (Precarious Housing in Europe) (2020-2022) and in the EU INSigHT project (Building Capacity to Deal with Human Trafficking and Transit Routes in Italy, Nigeria and Sweden) (2019-2021), within which she was Coordinator of the Research Team. She also collaborated as Researcher in the projects: FAMI "CapaCityMetro" (Networks of (form) active action for the active inclusion of migrants in the metropolitan city of Venice) (2017-2018) /, FARB "Intergenerational relations and obligations between first and second generations of migrants" (2015-2017), PRIN "Small municipalities and social cohesion: urban policies and practices for the social and spatial inclusion of immigrants" (2011-2015) http : //, COST IS1102 SOS COHESION (2012-2015) Her research interests concern: local policies for the inclusion of migrants and reception systems, urban security policies, housing policies, human trafficking (in particular from Nigeria) and severe exploitation, movements and autonomy of migrants, legal protection and paths of unaccompanied foreign minors.

Anno accademico di erogazione: 2022/2023

Anno accademico di erogazione: 2021/2022



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