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- Born in St. Julian's (Malta) on October 25, 1977.
- Graduated in Classics from the University of Parma on November 13th 2003 (110/110 cum laude); thesis title: "Il Salmo dei Naasseni sull'anima e la gnosi naassena" (tutor: Prof. G. Torti).
- In January, 2007 he was awarded a non-salaried Honorary Fellowship in Greek Language and Literature (L-FIL-LET/02), Latin Language and Literature (L-FIL-LET/04), and Ancient Christian Literature (L-FIL-LET/06) with the University of Parma, and continues to serve in that capacity today.
- Holder of a PhD degree in Greek and Latin Philology (March 13th 2008, University of Parma; PhD dissertation title: "Hipp. Haer. 5,10,2 e l'Innologia naassena").
- April 1st 2008: Researcher in Greek Language and Literature (Department of Classical and Medieval Philology - University of Parma).
- In 2008 he became member of the Scientific Board of the PhD Course in Greek and Latin Philology of the Department of Classical and Medieval Philology, University of Parma, and continues to serve in that capacity today.

Selected Presentations:
- Love hurts: from Sappho to Catullus through the Mahabharata (October 2008);
- Nag Hammadi Codices and Ancient Christian Literature (May 2009);
- Medea from the English Renaissance to Lars Von Trier (December 2009);
- Il cristianesimo nordafricano dal II secolo all'invasione araba (March 2011).

Courses Taught:
- Greek Metric, University of Parma, 2007-2008;
- Culture and Religion in Ancient Greece, University of Parma, 2008-2010;
- Ancient Christian Literature, University of Parma, 2008-present;

Management Activities:
- Supervisor for the Bachelor's Degree Learning Agreements;
- Supervisor for the Bachelor's Degree in "Civiltà Letterarie e Storia delle Civiltà"
- Supervisor for the University Internship Program.

Collaborations with Scientific Journals:
- «Paideia. Rivista di filologia, ermeneutica e critica letteraria» (Editorial Staff - Member)

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