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I graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Bologna in 1993 and obtained a PhD (Ph. D) in "Scottish Literature" at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, in 1997. After my doctorate I had temporary teaching positions at the Faculty of Languages of the University of Bologna. From 1999 to 2001 I carried out a post-doctorate and from 2002 to 2005 I received a research fellowship, in both cases at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature of the University of Bologna. From 2005 until my appointment as a lecturer in 2007, I worked as an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Parma. From 1 March 2015 I have been Associate Professor of English Literature at the University of Parma, where I teach English literature and Anglophone literatures courses for both BA and MA degrees. My research focuses mainly on the following areas: 1) Scottish literature (Romantic theatre: women’s drama and theatre; drama / theatre and national identity; migration and exile literature between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; romantic and contemporary Gothic fiction; Victorian poetry; contemporary Scottish theatre, with a particular focus on women’s dramaturgy: 2) Romantic-period poetry and theatre (Byron; women’s poetry and theatre/drama; Orientalist theatre; forms and genres of “illegitimate” theatre; 3) Literature of migration and transculturality. The main volumes resulting from this research are: the monographs Eccentric Scotland: Three Victorian Poets. James Thomson ("BV"), John Davidson and James Young Geddes (CLUEB 2004), Lord Byron and Discourses of Otherness: Scotland, Italy, and Femininity (humming earth, Zeticula Publisher, 2012) and Nation, Community, Self: Female Voices in the Scottish Theatre from the Late Sixties to the Present (Mimesis International, 2018); and the edited books Emancipation, Liberation, and Freedom: Romantic Drama and Theater in Britain, 1760-1830 (MUP 2010), with Valentina Poggi, an Italian edition of two plays by the Scottish playwright Joan Ure (Panozzo 2010) and, with Lilla Maria Crisafulli, East / West Encounters in Literature and Culture (2019), a special issue (vol 10, n. 1-2 2018) of the top-rated journal La Questione romantica. Currently I am working on two projects: a monographic study on Scottish migration literature (Thomas Pringle, John Leyden and Mungo Park); with Maria Elena Capitani, a book on David Greig’s theatre (for De Gruyter); and a critical edition (for Ledizioni, Milano) of the play Commedia by the contemporary playwright Marcella Evaristi.

I am a member and contact person for Parma (with Diego Saglia) of the Interuniversity Center for the Study of Romanticism (CISR), member of the Scientific Committee of the journal La Torre di Babele, of the editorial board of the journal La Questione Rromantica, of the experts committee for the series STREGA (Aracne), of the International Advisory Board of the International Journal of Scottish Theatre and Screen (IJOSTS) and of the scientific committee of the series Darcy (Rogas Edizioni, Rome) directed by Alessandro Gebbia and Fiorella Gabizon. From 2015 to 2019 I was a member of the Board of the Italian Association of English Studies and Vice-president of the same om 2017 to 2019. In the same years I was a member of the Editorial Board of Textus, the journal of the Italian Association of English Studies. Since 2011 I have been a member of the Doctorate Course at the University of Parma. From December 2013 to October 2017 I was the Rector's Delegate for International Students’ Mobility. Currently I hold the following positions for the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries: President of the Commission for International Mobility; Delegate for the support in cataloguing research products (IRIS); member of the Area 10 Committee; member of the “Review Group” for the Inter-University Master's Course (Parma-Modena) in Languages, Culture, Communication. I am a member of the following associations: The James Hogg Society; Association for Scottish Literary Studies (ASLS); Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society (ECSSS); The European Society for the Study of English (ESSE); Italian Association of English Studies (AIA); International Association of University Professors of English (IAUPE); North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR); Italian Association of Cultural and Literary Studies in English (AISCLI); Society for Scottish Studies in Europe; British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS); Newstead Abbey Byron Society; CRISIS (Italian Research Center for Irish and Scottish Studies); IASSL (International Association for the Study of Scottish Literatures).


Course materials are available on Elly Unipr (BA degree) and Dolly Unimore (MA degree).

Students who cannot attend classes are kindly invited to see me during my Office Hours to discuss the programme.

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