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Enrolled at the Faculty of Letters at the University of Pavia in the academic year 1974-75, winner of the competition announced by the College "Ghislieri", I graduated with a thesis on the language of Faith and Beauty of Niccolò Tommaseo. After the degree discussed with Dante Isella's correlation, I also dedicated myself to Foscolo, of whom I published the commented edition Sepolcri, odi e sonetti.
Resulting winner of competition to cathèra for the teaching of Letters, I have carried out function of ordinary teacher in the years 1985-1991 near the High school "Lussana" of Bergamo. As an expert in the subject I have collaborated (with exercises, correction of written exams and evaluation of oral exams) to the teaching of Italian at the University of Bergamo during the academic years 1990-199. In 1991 I was appointed to the Philological Office of the Accademia della Crusca, directed by Prof. Domenico De Robertis (and I held this position for the following two years: 1992-93 and 1993-94). I began a survey of the materials preserved in the Fondo Tommaseo at the National Library of Florence. A first step of the research is the study on the lexicographic formation of Tommaseo in Padua and on the decisive imprint of the school of lexicography of the Seminary. In the same journal I published the edition of unknown notebooks of Fede e bellezza, and a new survey of documents pertaining to the composition of the novel. I have published commentaries on D'Annunzio's Poema paradisiaco (1995) and on Tommaseo's Fede e bellezza (1997). I won a scholarship at the Academy in the years 1995-1997. I have been appointed Cultrice della materia at the University of Pavia, and I have spoken at conferences on Monti, Foscolo, Giordani, Leopardi, Cantù, D'Annunzio, Gadda, and various aspects of nineteenth-century linguistic-literary culture. I waited for the preparation of the National Edition of the Works of Manzoni with the task of editing the Postille: in 2002 the first volume came out: Filosofia. At the invitation of the Director, Dante Isella, I joined the editorial board of the magazine "I quaderni dell'Ingegnere", where I published some studies: one in particular ("Il bel ragnatelo". Cronistoria della bancarotta dell'Adalgisa") won the Gadda Prize in Edinburgh in 2010. I contribute to the Gadda Pocket Encyclopedia and I am on the Editorial board of the "Edimburgh Journal of Gadda's Studies". I participated in the PRIN 2009: "The manuscripts of the literary works of Carlo Emilio Gadda: analytical description, study and publication of unpublished writings". In 2010 I collaborated to the exhibition: "Rezipe i rimm" del Porta. The literature in Milanese dialect from Rajberti to Tessa and beyond (Braidense National Library in Milan). In 2011 I edited the annotated edition of the published and unpublished translations of Tommaseo from Virgil's Bucolics and Georgics in the collection of "Italian Classics" of the "Bembo" Foundation. I participated (as a member of the Scientific Committee) in the preparation of the Manzoni Exhibition at Brera: Imagining and building the nation. Manzoni between Napoleon and Garibaldi. Since the academic year 2006-07, after winning the competition for the role of researcher, I was entrusted with the teaching of Written Italian Language at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Parma (Degree Course in Science of Written and Hypertextual Communication). Since 2010 I have been a confirmed researcher of Italian Linguistics at this University. Since 2006 I have been a member of the Doctoral College in "Philological-Literary, Historical-Philosophical and Artistic Sciences".
In the academic year 2011-12 I was assigned the course of Language of Journalism for the Master of Science in Journalism and Editorial Culture. After obtaining the national qualification I was called to hold the position of Associate Professor of Italian Linguistics, with teaching assignments of History of the Italian language in the three-year course and master of Arts. I obtained the national qualification of first band.
I have participated in numerous conferences on Manzoni, Foscolo, Gadda, and language between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. I participated in the PRIN 2015 Manzoni online, with specific assignment to edit the postillated books. With numerous initiatives and study days, I promoted the constitution of the Interuniversity Center for Foscolian Studies (CRIF), with which the Universities of Milan, Perugia, Pisa, Freiburg and Paris are associated.
The third part of the Critical Edition of the Promessi sposi, directed by Dante Isella, concerning the first edition of the Promessi sposi (the so-called Ventisettana), of which I have published numerous preparatory studies, is in draft form. I have participated in numerous conferences and organized, at my University, numerous study days on Tommaseo (the most recent, on April 23, 2021, entitled: Dal Tommaseo-Bellini al Novecento).

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