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Enrolled at Pavia’s University in the academic year 1974-1975, I attended the Faculty of Liberal Arts, and after winning the competition organized by the Collegio Ghislieri, I graduated in Literatures with a dissertation concerning the language in Fede e Bellezza analysed by means of Niccolò Tommaseo’s dictionaries (il Dizionario della lingua italiana and il Dizionario dei sinonimi della lingua italiana – The dictionary of Italian language and the thesaurus of Italian language). After graduating with full marks on the 28th March 1980, I carried on with my research activity trying to deepen my knowledge of Niccolò Tommaseo's work as a writer and lexicographer. I also carried out investigations about Foscolo, which then brought me to publish a commentary of his poetries (Sepolcri, odi e sonetti) and other writings on the topic.
After winning an undergraduate teaching place, I worked as a Literature’s teacher from 1985 to 1991 at “Lussana” secondary school in Bergamo. I also collaborated with the teaching staff at the department of Italian language at Bergamo’s University between 1990-1994 providing written exercises and evaluating both written and oral exams.
Besides, I partecipated to the organization of Italian language and culture courses for foreigners at the Università degli Studi di Bergamo (A.Y. 1991-92), being responsible of the introduction of Italo Calvino and the analysis of some of his major works. I contributed to the Anthology for school Testi nella storia (concerning the first 50 years of the nineteenth century) edited by C.Segre and C. Martignoni for the publisher Bruno Mondadori. Furthermore, I edited the second edition of the anthology (Leggere il mondo, Milano, Bruno Mondadori, 2000), and I worked not only on the choice of the texts, but also of the comments, as well as of the illustrative and didactic organization, in accordance with a new way of considering the pedagogy of Italian literature promoted by the director, Prof. Cesare Segre. The researches went on with a project of critical edition of Postille by Manzoni.
I was awarded a researcher position at the philology department of the Crusca Academy (the head of which was Professor Domenico De Robertis) and from 1991 to 1995 I began to gather all the documents held in the Tomaseo’s fund in Florence State library in order to understand Tommaseo’s history from a lexical perspective and trail Tommaseo’s work from his very first youth studies onwards, up to the release of the Dizionario della Lingua Italiana.
A first stage is represented by a research about the Tommaseo's lexicographic formation in Padua, as well as the fundamental significance of the seminary's lexicography school. This research has been published on the review “Studi di filologia italiana”.
The same journal also published the unknown notebooks of Fede e Bellezza and a new set of documents referring to the novel arrangement. As far as ninetheen century studies are concerned, I published a review of Poema Paradisiaco by D'Annunzio (1995) and of Fede e Bellezza by Tommaseo (1997). After the Ministry for Cultural Heritage cut foundings to Crusca Academy's activities my research could continue thank to a scholarship provided by the Academy itself and so I exceptionally took leave from teaching from 1995 to 1997.
I have been appointed as “specialist of the subject” at Pavia’s University and on the 27th May 1996 I became part of the Italian Literature Assessing board. I was involved as assistant supervisor in the writing and discussion of the dissertation Gadda e Manzoni by Ms. Roberta Martinelli at Pavia’s university (supervisor: Prof. Angelo Stella, A.Y. 1995-96), as well as in the dissertation Le traduzioni inedite di Niccolò Tommaseo dall'Eneide by Amos Mattio (supervisor: Prof. Franco Gavazzeni, A.Y. 1997-98).
I attended several conferences about Monti, Foscolo, Giordani, Leopardi, Tommaseo, Cantù, D'Annunzio, Gadda and about different aspects of the linguistic and literary culture of the nineteenth century. I also figured in the event organized between Turin, Venice and Rovereto in occasion of the second centenary of Tommaseo’s birth.
I took part in the assembling of the history of Philology in the nineteenth century in the context of the History of Italian Literature, supervised by E.Malato, and published by Salerno press. At the moment, I am working on the National four volumes Edition of Manzoni's Work, with the specific task of editing the Postille. The first volume, Filosofia, was published in 2002 and the second one (History, Economics, Botany) is about to be published now.
Invited by its chief editor, professor D. Isella , I joined the editing Committee of the journal “I quaderni dell'ingegnere” and I published some of my studies.
At present I am completing the edition of Tommaseo’s published and unpublished translations of Bucoliche e Georgiche by Virgilio for the «Bembo» Foundation series «Italian classics», as well as the third part of the critical edition of I Promessi Sposi, supervised by Dante Isella, which draws back to the first edition of I Promessi Sposi (the so-called Ventisettana). Since the Academic Year 2006-07 I have been in charge of teaching written Italian language at Parma's University in the Arts and Philosophy department (Bachelor in written and hypertextual communication sciences).

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