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PERSONAL DATA Name and surname Giorgio MORINI Citizenship Italian PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES • From November 1, 2015 to today, he is a part time Assistant Professor of Veterinary Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of the Department of Veterinary Medical Science of the University of Parma and started with a private practice. • Since 2009 she is a professor at postgraduate courses at the University of Parma in the Specialization School of “Animal Health, Breeding and Livestock Productions”. • From October 2010 to April 30, 2016 he was Professor Aggregate (L. 240/2010 article 6, paragraph 4) at the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences of the University of Parma for SSD VET / 10 Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology Veterinary Medicine (Art. 6 c. 4 L. 240/10), for Animal Breeding and Breeding Techniques in Small and Large Animals (A.Yrs 2012-2015), formerly in charge of Animal Income Management (VI Mod Reproduction Biotechnologies applied to Income Animals - Cattle/Young buffaloes); Instructor for Reproduction Management Courses in Horse Farming and Animal Reproduction (AA 2011-2012); Biotechnology Applied to Artificial Physiopathology and Artificial Fertilization, Obstetric Clinic (16-hour module), Artificial Fertilization (AA 2010-2011). Free subscription art 9/V of Biotechnology Applied to Physiopathology and Artificial Fertilization, Applied Biotechnology for Equine Reproduction, Income Animal Health Management (AA AA 2006-2010). • From April 1994 to January 1999, he has been a volunteer internal student, starting with the development and study of assisted breeding techniques in the bovine species such as Embryo Transfer, cryopreservation of bovine, equine and bovine embryos by participating in effectively in the field of research and didactic activity related to these themes, performing in over six years over 300 embryo transfer sessions and embryonic freeze on approximately 600 donors at the University facilities and at the Agreed Breeding. The investigations also concerned the emerging Ovum Pick Up techniques for the genetic rescue and recovery of high-value bovine species and subsequent in vitro embryo production by IVM techniques (In Vitro Maturation) and IVF (In Vitro Ferilization) and subsequent embryo transfer following a training conducted at the University of Parma by Dr. Jianchi Ding, Lab Director at Oak Brook Fertility Center in Chicago (IL-USA), in July 1996 following CNR funding. • As a winner of a regular public competition at the same Institute, from February 1999 to March 2005, in the Scientific Technical Area at the same University Institute (Veterinary Clinic and Veterinary Gynecology - University of Parma) by assisting and participating actively to the research topics related to the pre-implanted embryonic session as well as the management of the installation station and instrumental insemination center connected to the Institute. • From January 2000 to December 2005 he has collaborated on a regular basis with Dr. Lorenzo Rossi’s team in Modena, dealing with the set-up of the embryo collection team and in particular the manipulation, processing and cryopreservation of recovered embryos. • May 2002 he attended a course at the National Embryo Transfer School Inc. - Senatobia (MS-USA) about Bovine Embryo Transfer and Cryopreservation under Professor Reginald Peter Elsden’s guide. • Autumn 2003 he attended a course on Equine Embryo Transfer – Chilled embryos and Embryo Vitrification at the Colorado State University - Fort Collins (CO-USA) under the guide Professors Ed. Squires, Elaine Carnevale and Pat McCue. • From April 2004 to September 2009, he consulted on Bovine Embryo Sexing operations, pre-implantation, embryonic biopsies, DNA extraction, PCR amplification, and subsequent electrophoretic migration to detect female embryos, with embryonic collection EMBRYO VET (BS 0002 S) of c / o Cascina Bosco, Verolanuova (BS). • From April 2005 University Researcher in Veterinary Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of the Department of Animal Health of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Parma, as amended by Law 240/2010 Department of Veterinary Medical Science, Assistant Professor since 2008. • From February 2008 to December 2010, he consulted on Bovine Embryo Sexing operations for the selection of female embryos and the transfer to fresh or post cryopreserved recipients and freezing of remaining male embryos for use on cows repeat breeders for the recovery of the same to the productive life, with the VETESTUDIO (VI 0002 S) embryo collection group located in Loc. Rivelle, Schio (VI) under an APA provincial project for selection, genetic improvement and development of the high production milk cattle breeding. • With the same group from 2014 to date, it is advising trade embryo splitting procedures on high value bovine embryos for the improvement of EE efficiency on non-prolific breeds with current hormone super-stimulation techniques which is also associated with the freezing of "half" embryos to allow it to be sold or used in a translatable way both in time and space. • From September 2009 to present, he is a member of the AB-VET (VR 0002S) embryo collection company (VR 0002S) headquartered in S. Ambrogio in Valpolicella (VR), where he deals with the laboratory part of ET operations and flushing operations uterus about 100 donors per year. • Since 1996 he is an active member of S.I.E.T. (Italian Embryo Transfer Company), since 2010 is a member of the Board of Directors and since October 2015 has been appointed to serve as Vice President. • Since 2009 he has been invited as a lecturer at Embryo Transfer courses organized by S.I.E.T. as satellites for congressional days and in 2013, 2015 and 2016 he served as the teacher and trainer of the first three editions of the Superovulation, Embryo Transfer and Embryo Freezing Courses reserved for a limited number of Veterinarians. • November 2015 advising and executing embryo transfer equine operations and set-up biotechnology laboratory at Bait Al Arab - Kuwait State Stud, Kuwait City (KW) Massimo Rubei - Operations Department Manager - Head Veterinarian of Equine Hospital BAIT AL ARAB / KUWAIT • From 1 September 2016 to 17 September 2016 on a short mission and on behalf of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) prot. 3541 of 22/08/2016 at the Animal Selection Center of Yangon (Myanmar) to carry out local veterinarian training activities on issues related to the Embryo Transfer Bovine and carry ET on local donors and transfer embryos imported to Myanmar from Italy, as part of the completion and implementation of the project "Myanmar - Functional re-activation of Yangon Animal Selection Center" • From July 2017 he is an external consultant for MSD-Merck for large animals (horses and cows) in the breeding industry. He provides training for company staff and technical consultancy for reproductive problems in dairy cattle farms or equine farms. • Author and co-author of 42 printed publications in national and international journals (14 peer reviewed papers), 73 abstracts and posters in national and international congresses on reproductive issues in domestic species, with particular regard to bovine and equine reproduction and specific about bovine Embryo Transfer. TRAINING • Diploma of Specialization in Swine Pathology - University of Parma (2004) • Colorado State University - Fort Collins (CO-USA): Equine Embryo Transfer Course (2003) • National Embryo Transfer School Inc. - Senatobia (MS-USA) Bovine Embryo Transfer and Cryopreservation (2002) • Degree in Veterinary Medicine (University of Parma) • High School Diploma (scientific studies)

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