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Associate Professor specialised in the analysis of supramolecular complexes and coordination compounds with the aim of studying molecular recognition phenomena and elucidating structure- function correlations and topology through single crystal X-ray diffraction techniques and computational methods.
- Co-author of more than 130 scientific papers published in international peer-reviewed journals and of a European Patent. h-index: 32 (source: Scopus).
- http://orcid.org/0000-0003-0230-1707
- Lecturer for the Engineering Departments of the University of Parma

Education and Training
Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Parma, Italy
Dept. of Chemistry, Prof. Dr. A. Tiripicchio
Title: “Synthesis and structural characterisation of transition metal selenido-carbonyl clusters”
M. Sc. (cum laude) in Inorganic Chemistry, University of Parma, Italy
Dept. of Chemistry, Prof. Dr. A. Tiripicchio
Title: “Cluster e colloidi. Sintesi di derivati metallici fosfino-selenurici mono- e polinucleari e produzione di nanoparticelle di oro incapsulate in matrici sol-gel.”

Additional experiences
Visiting scientist – University of Marburg, Germany October 2002-March 2003
Department of Chemistry – Prof. Dr. Frenking
- Research visit financed by a scholarship of the German academic exchange organization DAAD (Deutscher Akademische Austausch Dienst, http://www.daad.de/de/index.html) aimed at acquiring initial experience in the field of computational chemistry
Project: DFT (Density Functional Theory) analysis of the chemical bond in metal complexes of palladium, platinum, and nickel with ethene and ethyne. Study of metal-ligand bonding in complexes using the energy-partitioning analysis (EPA) of the ADF software package, based on the EDA method of Morokuma et al. and the ETS partitioning scheme of Ziegler et al.
Scientific Stage (8 months), Université L. Pasteur, Strasbourg, France Sept. –Dec. 1997
Coordination Chemistry Laboratory, Prof. Dr. P. Braunstein
Subject: “Synthesis of new transition-metal selenido clusters”
Mar.-Jun. 1999

- Prize for the best Ph.D thesis in Inorganic Chemistry of the Italian Chemistry Society in 2001.
- Referee for several international journals (CrystEngComm, ICA, Inorg. Chem., RSC Advances, Dalton Transactions, Chemm Commun ., etc.)

- Promoter and vice-chair of GIG3, General Interest Group on Education in Crystallography within ECA (http://ecanews.org/mwp/groups/gig-03-education-in-crystallography/)
- Member of the teaching commission of AIC for the years 2015-2017 and 2018-2020
- Editor for Acta Crystallographica Section E.
- Member of the Executive Committee of AIC for the years 2021-2023.

National and international conferences and crystallography schools
- 6th FIGIPS meeting in Inorganic Chemistry, Barcellona, Spain 15-20 July 2001. Reactivity of [HMCo3(CO)12] (M = Fe or Ru) towards phosphine selenides. Synthesis and crystal structures of new selenido-carbonyl bimetallic clusters".
- XL Congress of the Italian Crystallography Association (AIC), Siena, 19-22 September 2011. Keynote “Diagnostic with cavitands”
- Workshop “Past, Present and Future of Crystallography@Politecnico di Milano”, Milan, 6-7 June 2013. Keynote entitled “Crystallography and Supramolecular Sensing”
- ECM28 (28th European Crystallographic Meeting), Warwick, UK, 25-29 August 2013. Keynote “Solid state molecular recognition for supramolecular sensing”
- ECM29 (29th European Crystallographic Meeting), Rovinj, Croatia, 23-28 August 2015. Keynote “Tailoring host-guest interactions for sensing with cavitands”
- Member of the organizing committee of the International AIC School 2015 (Bologna, 5-8 September)
- ECM30 (30th European Crystallographic Meeting), Basel, Switzerland, 28 August-1 September 2016. Chair of MS 34 "Molecular recognition, supramolecular chemistry and crystal engineering"
- Promoter of the International AIC School 2016 (Rimini, 7-11 September)
- Promoter of the International AIC School 2017 (Pavia, 3-6 September)
- 3rd Joint AIC-SILS Conference, Roma, 25-28 June 2018. Chair of MS2 “Inorganic & Organic Functional Materials”.
- Member of the scientific committee of ECM31 (31 European Crystallography Meeting, Oviedo, Spain , 22-27 August 2018) and chair of MS47: "How to take your next steps in Crystallography"
- ECM31: Keynote for MS48 "Education in Crystallography" and for MS32 “Molecular Recognition and Crystal Engineering”
- Promoter of the International AIC School 2018 (Bari, 29 August – 2 September)
- Lecturer of the International AIC School 2019 (Naples, 29 August – 3 September)

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