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I'm a full professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Parma Logistics, Supply Chain Management and retail are my main scientific interests

In the last few years, my research has been focusing on the application of auto id and data sharing technologies for supply chain management & retailing, such as RFID and IOT, the Internet of things. More specifically, my research has been addressing how and where RFID can be considered as a viable tool to achieve value added traceability in the supply chain, and how to streamline processes through activity automation and punctual visibility of flows in the pipeline
I'm the founder and the director of RFID Lab at the University of Parma, a world leading research centre devised to promote research, training and services to stakeholders, such as technology providers and end users. The centre pioneered research in the Italian RFID arena and has been widely recognized as a worldwide center of excellence
In 2005 I founded Id-Solutions. A spinoff company with the University of Parma. IDS offers "turn key" RFID deployments - hw, software, consultancy, value added services, maintenance - to optimize supply chain and retail processes in different industries 2017, IDS has been acquired by Murata Manufacturing Corporation. Both companies benefits by combining their own strengths: IDS research background and RFID expertise with Murata’s unique technologies, new product development capabilities and broad global network
In the last decade ,I've been invited to almost one hundred conferences to share my research results I've published about 60 research papers in qualified international journals.
My Hindex is 18; I've 1.500 citations aproximately
Some of my works have been awarded international prizes by the scientific community

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