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Name: Monica Gatti Date and place of birth: 01.09.1964, Crema (CR), Italy Education: 03.07.1990, University degree in Food Science and Technology, University of Milano, Italy. License to practise as Food Science Technologist in 1998, University of Milan (Italy) Relevant career events: From July 1991 to December 1996: four grants of Ministry of Agriculture for Istituto Sperimentale Lattiero Caseario, Lodi (Italy) From September 1990 to January 2005 research activity for Microbiology and Enzymology Department of Istituto Sperimentale Lattiero Caseario, Ministry of Agriculture, Lodi, Italy. From January to October 2005 University researcher (AGR/16) Faculty of Agriculture, University of Parma. Form November 2005 to December 2016 Associate Professor (AGR/16) Department of Food Science University of Parma (Italy) Actual Position: Full Professor (AGR/16) Department of Food and Drug University of Parma Director of Multidisciplinary Interdepartmental Dairy Centre - MILC, University of Parma Previously, Vice Director of Department of Genetic, Biology of Microorganisms, Anthropology Evolution University of Parma (Italy) Teaching: Different curses of Food Microbiology for different courses in Food Science and Technology and Gastronomic Science, of University of Parma Member of SIMTREA Italian Society of Agro-Food and Environmental Microbiology Main topics of research: Ecology of lactic acid bacteria natural culture, Microbial biodiversity, cell viability in fermented food, microbiological data statistic elaboration, microbial enzymatic activity in cheese ripening, food safety and processing Public research grants: Investigator and coinverstigator of different Italian and European Project Scientific Bibliometric indicators June  2021 (Scopus)  documents by author: 95. Total citations:  2417 by 1503 documents, H index 34

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