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Davide ASTORI holds a BSc in ancient languages (31.10.1996, University of Parma) and a PhD in Romance Philology (Romanian language) from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich (Germany). From 2015 he has been an associated professor in General Linguistics (SSD L-LIN01) at the 'Università degli Studi di Parma' (Italy) and has also taught Hebrew language and culture, Arabic and Sanskrit. Among his chief scientific interests are languages and cultures in contact, languages and Weltanschauungen, indoeuropeistics, the sociolinguistic aspects of national identities, social and language minorities, and translation studies. He attended various specializing courses: amoung them, Romanian language (1995 Iasi/Moldova, 1999, Timisoara/Transilvania), Russian (2001, Österreichisches Ost- und Südosteuropa-Institut - Wien), general linguistics (1996, 2-6/9; 1997, 1-5/9; 2008, 1-5/9 - SIG; 2007, Centro di dialettologia e di etnografia, Bellinzona). He obtained a diploma of archive keeping (2001-2003, school of Archivistics, Paleography and Diplomatics by the 'Archivio di Stato' of Parma).

Completion accademic year: 2019/2020

Completion accademic year: 2018/2019

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