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Annamaria Buschini

Born on January 10, 1962.
1986: Degree in Biological Sciences (110/110 with honours) at the University of Parma, Institute of Genetics.
2001-present: Assistant Professor at Parma University, Department of Life Sciences

Her main research interests are: environmental genotoxicology and the study of the toxicological profile of drugs/phytochemicals.
From the beginning of her research carrier, she worked on eukaryotic model-systems to study the interaction between xenobiotics (environmental pollutants, drugs, etc) and the cellular environment. One of the goal of this long-term project was to build up and validate screening systems able to detect different mutagenic events at the molecular level for a quantitative/qualitative evaluation of the “genetic and epi-genetic hazard”.
In the medical/oncological research fields she worked on the different tumor specific biochemical/physiological conditions of neoplastic cells, determined especially by the activation of specific DMEs (Drug Metabolizing Enzymes) and mitochondrial activity, defining the major sensitivity of the specific tumor versus the normal cells. On this subject, the key objectives of the still ongoing research projects are the characterization of human genes which contribute to individual responsiveness to drugs and the chemical environment.
In recent years, she started new collaborations to identify new therapeutic drugs for treatment of cancers and neglected diseases, in this field she participated at one of the DNDi (Drug for Neglected Disease initiative) international funded program in collaboration with the School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee (UK), the University of Glasgow (UK) and the Swiss Tropical Disease Institute (CH). She worked on the characterization of the structure-activity relationship of newly synthesized drugs on different kind of biological models, using also in silico and/or pharmacogenetic approaches.
Her most recent research field is Chemo-protection: the prevention of cancer development through the use of chemical agents, drugs, or food supplements, in particular phytochemicals.

She is a member of the Italian Environmental Mutagen Society (SIMA), of the EEMS (European Environmental Mutagen Society), of the Inter-university Research Consortium on the Metal Chemistry in Biological Systems (C.I.R.C.M.S.B.) and of the inter-department Center for Molecular and Translational Oncology (C.O.M.T.).

She has been a member of the “Scientific board” of the “Centre for Health and Safety in the workplace” (Centro di Servizi per la Salute, Igiene e Sicurezza nei luoghi di lavoro) of the University of Parma.

She is author of 72 publications on international peer-reviewed journals.
Official h-index (Web of Science and Scopus 23/03/2018) = 22.00

She took part to the following international; national and regional research programs:

As coordinator:
• Cariparma Foundation (2010-2012): “Synthesis and identification of cellular targets of novel antiblastics”.
• Biogen Idec Grant (2011) to support “ A pharmacogenetic approach for the evaluation of sensitivity to natalizumab in Multiple Sclerosis patients”
• Spinner (2011-2012) : As proponent of REX (Root exudate) Project, win a pre-competitive call of Spinner 2013 (Operative Program of Emilia-Romagna Region, Social European Fund 2007-2013).
• LIFE+ Project subcontract (2014-2015) for performing Comet assay slide analyses (“MAPEC_LIFE”:“Monitoring air pollution effects on children supporting Public Health Policy” - LIFE12/ENV/IT/000614)
• Research agreement between ARPAE (Emilia Romagna)and University of Parma (2015-2017)for studies on gentotoxicity of airborne particulate matter (PM2.5)in the Emilia Romagna region.
• "POR-FESR 2014-2020" (2016-2018): Innovating the pork industry through the enhancement of vegetable by-products and the use of advanced "omics" and process technologies for the sustainable production of meat and processed meat with a positive impact on health.

As partecipant:

• PRIN 2001-2002 - Formation of mutagens in drinking water distributed in the networks of some italian towns.
• ISPELS 2002 – In vitro models for neurotoxic hazard characterization.
• PRRIITT 2003 – Development of new diagnostic tests with a high biotechnological content for cancer diagnosis and prognosis in adults and children.
• PRRIITT 2004 – Genomic and biotechnological approach for the determination and characterization of physiological disorders, pathological conditions and allergy induced by food substances.
• PRIN 2004-2005 – Control of tumor proliferation, motility and invasion: pharmacological development of novel metal-based agents.
• PRRIITT 2005-2006 (Regione Emilia Romagna) – SIQUAL (Regional Laboratory for Food Safety and Quality) Project: “Food functional properties, nutritional quality modifications and xenobiotics production during cooking practices”.
• DNDi (Drugs for Neglected Disease initiative (2005-2007): "Novel Nitroheterocycles for the Treatment of African Trypanosomiasis"
• Moniter 2008-2009 (line 5 action2) “Assessment of genotoxic environmental impact of incinerators”;
• IREN (2011-2012): “Assessment of water quality and requalification of Naviglio canal”
• CARIPLO-Ricerca integrata biotecnologie industriali - 2014 (2015-2018): “A biotechnological approach for the development of new antifungal compounds to protect the environment and the human health”

Monday and Thursday from 12.00 to 13.00

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