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Name: Angelo Bolchi
Born: Rivarolo Mantovano (MN) (Italy), March 11, 1958
Nationality: Italian
Civil status: Single


1986 Laurea in Biological Sciencies (cum laude) – University of Parma

2006-present Associated Professor at Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – University of Parma

2001-2006 Researcher at Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – University of Parma

1998-2000 Collaboratore Tecnico, at Biochemical Sciences Institute - University of Parma.

1990-1998 Operatore Tecnico, at Biochemical Sciences Institute - University of Parma.

1987-1989 Post-doctoral research in the laboratory of Dr. V. Schirch at Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va, USA

Research projects
1986-87 Member of Italy-USA Epidemiological Study on Cataract
1989-90 Involved in the CNR research program “Role of class III promoters in the control of gene expression in transgenic plants"
1990-2001 Involved in MURST 60% research programs of Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
1992-1997 Involved in the CNR Research Program (RAISA) “Molecular bases of the role of metallo-proteins in response to abiotic and micro-nutrient starvation stresses”
1994 Involved in the CNR Strategic Project “Biotechnology of mycorrhization" with the program “Molecular analysis of mitochondrial genome and highly expressed messenger RNA in Tuber for typization of the species T.magnatum”.
1997-98 Involved in the CNR Strategic Project ”Tuber: Biotechnology of mycorrhization” with the program “Philogenesis and molecular characterization of ectomycorrhizal fungi belonged to genre Tuber”.
1995-2003 In charge of two molecular biotechnology projects in collaboration with Plantechno s.r.l. (Casalmaggiore, CR): "Isolation of differentially express genes during the seed development of cherry" (1999) and "Expression of artificial metallothioneins in transgenic plants" (2000).
2003-2005 Principal Investigator of Research Unit 5 in the project FIRB 2001, code RBNE01KZE7_006,” Functional genomics of the interaction between plants and micro-organisms (pathogenic, antagonistic, or symbiotic): factors involved in agricultural production and environmental protection.

Research interests
- Mechanisms involved in response to oxidative and heavy metal stresses in plant and symbiotic fungi.
- Nutrient-regulated genes in Tuber borchii.
- Design, selection and functional characterization of metal-chelating artificial proteins.
- Design and construction of new recombinant vaccines against the peptide Abeta42.
- Design and construction of new vaccines against human papilloma virus (human papillomavirus, HPV).
- Bioinformatic analysis and functional annotation in the project TuberGenomics, european project on genome sequencing of Tuber melanosporum.

On Tuesday, at 11:30

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Campus Scienze e Tecnologie - Padiglione 04 - Plesso di Biochimica e Biologia Molecolare, CIM
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