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Degree in Civil Engineering (1984) and PhD in Surveying and Geodesy (1989) at Politecnico di Milano. 1989-1990: Post-doc research contract at the Institute of Photogrammetry ETH Zurich on GPS-assisted Aerial Triangulation. Assistant professor (1990) and associate professor (1992) of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements at Politecnico di Milano. 1992-1996: secretary of ISPRS Commission I. Since November 1996 with the Faculty of Engineering of Parma University, Dept. of Civil Engineering. Full professor in Surveying since 2004. Teaching: Surveying and, till 2005/06, Photogrammetry. From November 2007 to November 2015 Chairman of the Board of studies in Civil Engineering.
From 1998 to 2006 member of the Council of PhD school in Surveying and Geodesy of Politecnico di Milano (tutor or co-tutor of 6 PhD students).
Since 1999 member of the Council of PhD school in Civil Engineering of Parma University (tutor of 2 PhD students). From 2007 to 2012 Chairman of the Board of the PhD school in Civil Engineering.
Coordinator of the local research group in the national research projects COFIN ’97, ’98, 2000, 2002, 2004 proposed within the Surveying and Mapping group. Member of the local research group in the national research project COFIN 2007 of the Geotechnics sector.
Coordinator, as scientific partner, of a project financed in 2005 by the Regional Programme for Industrial Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer for the realization of a mobile mapping vehicle. Participated and is participating in the POR-FESR Emilia-Romagna Aladin (2017-18) and Positive (2019-2021) projects on the containment and optimization of irrigation resources in precision agriculture.
Participated to the INTERREG III project ROCKSLIDETEC Action B (2003-2007) and INTERREG III B Alpine Space Project, ClimChAlp, WP6 (2006-2008) to test innovative techniques for surveying discontinuities in rock faces and testing of techniques for displacement measurements and change detection in rock faces, particularly in permafrost areas.
Co-I, responsible for stereo reconstruction and DTM generation, of the Italian research group, coordinated by Gabriele Cremonese of the Astronomic Observatory of Padua, that developed the stereo-camera (STC) of the ESA space mission BepiColombo to Mercury for the mapping of the planet.

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