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03/1987: Degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Parma, with 110/110 cum laude. The thesis (entitled: "The problem of fixed compass tendencies in the orientation of birds. Experiments with the Sand martin (Riparia riparia)") required 2 years of research activity.
1987: Collaboration in research activities on the bacteriostatic and bactericidal power of food flavorings at the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Microbiology of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Technique of the University of Parma.
1988-1990: Collaboration in research activities on the biology and orientation capabilities of some species of wild and domestic birds (Riparia riparia, Columba l. Livia Gmelin, Columba livia forma domestica) at the Institute of Zoology of the University of Parma. The research included a three-year survey on the health conditions of pigeons in the city of Bolzano, in collaboration with the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie (IZSVe).
Collaboration with the University of Parma and the Ministry of the Environment on a program of census and monitoring of avian species for an integrated management of wetlands of international interest - classified according to the Ramsar Convention - identified in Sardinia, the Venetian lagoon and the delta Po Valley.
1990-1992: PhD in Animal Biology (Ethology) at the Department of General Biology and Physiology, University of Parma. Thesis title: "Orientation and homing capacity of the Sand Martin (Riparia riparia)".
1994: graduate student of the Institute of Anatomy of Domestic Animals of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Parma.
1995: Winner of a postdoctoral fellowship in Veterinary Anatomy, to conduct research on the response of the bone to the presence of implants covered with various types of biomaterials.
1999 - technical operator (5th level) at the Institute of Normal Anatomy of Domestic Animals, University of Parma.
2000: winner of a public competition for a position of Researcher for the S.S.D. V30A - ANATOMY OF DOMESTIC ANIMALS at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Parma. With Rector's decree n. 952 of 29/03/2001 was subsequently re-framed in the S.S.D. VET / 01 ANATOMY OF DOMESTIC ANIMALS.
2001-2003 full-time unconfirmed researcher at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Parma, with affiliation at the Institute of Anatomy of Domestic Animals and subsequently at the Section of Anatomy of Animals of Veterinary Medical Interest of the Department of Animal Health. Confirmation in the role of researcher on 26 October 2003.
Currently, Dr. Luisa Ragionieri is a University Researcher, for the SSD VET / 01 “Anatomy of Domestic Animals”, with reference to the Department of Veterinary Sciences.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER and current secretary-treasurer of:
Italian Association of Veterinary Morphologists (since 1997)

1994-2000 research activity on the structural organization of bone, response of bone to implants and biocompatibility of various biomaterials used for implant preparation or coating. Investigations carried out on the femur and tibia of rabbit and sheep.
2001-2020 research activities concerned:
- localization (through the use of retrograde neuronal tracers) and immunohistochemical characterization of the motor and sensory neurons innervating the smooth and striated muscles associated with the uro-genital organs of animals of medical-veterinary interest, in particular pigs.
- Macro- and microscopic morpho-structural characterization of the porcine urethral muscle, by means of histological, histochemical and transmission electron microscopy investigations.
- Characterization of the types of muscle fibers, myofibrillar proteins and enzymatic proteolysis in relation to the quality of the meat of different pig hybrids through histochemical and immunohistochemical investigations.
- Macro and microscopic analysis of the effects of age on fat thickness and on the morphology of adipocytes in the tela subcutanea of the black Parma pig
- Analysis of the effect of the supplementation with a blend containing short and medium chain fatty acid monoglycerides in milk replacer on rumen papillae development in weaning calves, using histological methods and scanning electron microscopy
- Immunohistochemical and immunofluorescence investigation of the presence and localization of the components of the orexinergic system, of the chemokine SDF-1 and its CXCR4 receptor, as well as of the myokine Irisine in the porcine ovary.
- Istomorphometric analyzes for the development of pulmonary fibrosis models in mice.
-Histological analysis of the effects of the use of multitarget compounds in the treatment of cystic fibrosis.

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