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Dr. Paolo Dell’Abate was born in Sorbolo (PR) on 9th September 1952. He graduated at public High School “G.Marconi” in Parma, in the science course of study, in school year 1970/71. He enrolled at the University of Parma in Medicine and Surgery in the academic year 1971/72. He graduated on 7th November 1977 with mark 110/110 cum laude. From 8th November 1977 to 31st July 1980 he worked in the Surgical Clinic and I° Surgical Therapy Institute and subsequently in the General Thoracic and Vascular Surgery Clinic Institute of the University of Parma as University Internal Doctor, carrying out medical treatment assistance, appointed by the Faculty Board for justified Clinic requirements. With legal effect from 01/08/1980 Dr. Paolo Dell’Abate is a Confirmed University Researcher in service at the I° General Thoracic and Vascular Surgery Clinic of the University of Parma. With effect from 01/01/2001 he works at the General and Organ Transplant Surgery Clinic Institute supervised by Prof. Mario Sianesi. He achieved the university postgraduate degree on General Surgery at the University of Parma on the 10th July 1982. He achieved the university postgraduate degree on Digestive System Surgery and Digestive Endoscopy at the University of Milan on 7th July 1987. He achieved the Consultancy Qualification in General Surgery for the II^ session 1986. The scientific activity is documented by 132 edited publications and 2 films. From 21/01/91 to 01/02/91 he attended the Digestive Endoscopy Service at the “Valle de Hebron” Hospital of Barcelona supervised by Prof. J.R. ARMENGOL MIRO. From 09/09/91 to 29/09/91 he attended the Digestive Surgery Service at the “Beaujon” Hospital of Paris supervised by Prof. F. FEKETE’. He is Professore Associato from 01.04.2006

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