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Università degli Studi di Parma
Unità di Oftalmologia
Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche, Biotecnologiche, e Traslazionali
Via Gramsci 14
43126 Parma
Telephone: +39 0521-703721 E-mail:
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Assistant Professor in Ophthalmology

Associate Professor in Ophthalmology

November 1999 to December 2013

December 2013 to date
University of Parma, Italy

Unità di Oftalmologia
Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche, Biotecnologiche, e Traslazionali (S.Bi.Bi.T.)
Università degli Studi di Parma

Current and Previous 4 Relevant Positions Including Academic Appointments (most current date first):
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2013 to date
School of Medicine
Ophthalmology Residency Clinical and Research Fellowship
Instructor and Post-Residency Fellow

Assistant Professor in Ophthalmology

Associate professor in Ophthalmology University of Sassari, Italy.
University of Parma, Italy
Doheny Eye Institute, U.S.C., Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Institute of Ophthalmology, University of Parma, Italy

Ophthalmology Section, University of Parma, Italy

Unità di Oftalmologia
Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche, Biotecnologiche, e Traslazionali (S.Bi.Bi.T.)
Università degli Studi di Parma

Brief Summary of Relevant Clinical Research Experience:
Year Intervention (or Outcome) Study Design Role
1995 Quality of vision in ocular disorders Cohort study Sub-investigator
1998 Oxidative stress and cataract Genetic study Sub-investigator
1999 Herditability of Glaucoma Genetic study Sub-investigator
2001 Pseudotumor Cerebri Retrospective Study P.I.
2003 Visual prognosis in optic nerve trauma Retrospective Study P.I.
2005 Gutoff implant vs silicone implant Randomized Controlled Trial P.I.
2007 Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy Retrospective Study P.I.
2009 Case-Crossover Study of PDE5
inhibitor exposure as a potential
“trigger factor” for acute NAION Case-Crossover Study P.I
Medical License/ID number 5509 Licensed in State/Province/Country: Italy

Selected peer-reviewed publications on IF journals:

1. M. Belpoliti, F. Rosmini, A. Carta, L. Ferrigno, G. Maraini. Distribution of cataract types in the Italian-American Case-Control study and at surgery in the Parma area. Ophthalmology 1995; 102: 1594-1597.
2. Carta A, Braccio L, Belpoliti M, Soliani L, Sartore F, Gandolfi SA, Maraini G. Self-assessment of the quality of vision: association of questionnaire score with objective clinical tests. Current Eye Research 1998; 17: 506-512.
3. Carta A, Cesana C. Ocular presentation and successful outcome of invasive sphenoid sinus aspergillosis in acute myelogenuos leukemia. Haematologica 1998; 83: 1116-1119.
4. Ferrigno L, Belpoliti M, Carta A, Rosmini F, Maraini G. Influence of cataract surgery on progression of lens opacities in the fellow eye. Ophthalmology 1999; 106; 232-235.
5. Carta A, Castelnuovo P, Delitala F. Neuro-ophthalmological presentation of Pneumosinus Dilatans. Neuro-Ophthalmology 1999; 21; 233-240.
6. Ottonello S, Foroni C, Carta A, Petrucco S, Maraini G. Oxidative stress and age-related cataract. Ophthalmologica 2000; 214: 78-85.
7. Vettori MV, Corradi D, Coccini T, Carta A, Cavazzini S, Manzo L, Mutti A. Styrene-induced changes in amacrine retinal cells: an experimental study in the rat. Neurotoxicology 2000; 55: 805-810.
8. Carta A, D’ Adda T, Carrara F, Zeviani M. Ultrastructural analysis of extraocular muscle in chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia. Archives of Ophthalmology 2000; 118: 1441-1445.
9. Chiapponi C, Carta A, Petrucco S, Maraini G, Ottonello S. Transcriptional up-regulation of the protooncogenes c-fos and c-jun following vitreous removal and short-term in vitro culture of bovine lenses. Experimental Eye Research 2001; 72: 565-571.
10. Craighero L, Carta A, Fadiga L. Peripheral oculomotor palsy affects orienting of visuospatial attention. Neuroreport 2001; 12: 3283-3286.
11. Carta A, Ferrigno L, Salvo M, Bianchi-Marzoli S, Boschi A, Carta F.Visual prognosis after indirect traumatic optic neuropathy.Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry 2003; 73: 246-248.
12. Carta A, Bertuzzi F, Cologno D, Giorgi C, Montanari E, Tedesco S. Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (Pseudotumor Ccerebri): Descriptive epidemiology in Parma, Italy, 1990 to 1999. European Journal of Ophthalmology 2004; 14: 48-53.
13. Carta A, D’Adda T, Carelli V, Ross-cisneros F, Sadun AA. Human extraocular muscles in mitochondrial diseases: Comparing Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia with Leber’s HereditaryOpticNeuropathy. British Journal of Ophthalmology 2005; 89: 825-827
14. Mora P, Gonzales S, Crafa P, Carta A, Guex-Crosier Y, Zografos L. Peculiar findings in a case of bilateral uveal pigmented lesions. Ocular Immunology and Inflammation 2010; 18: 379-382.
15. Carta A, Mora P, Neri A, Favilla S, Sadun AA: Ophthalmologic and systemic features in möbius syndrome an italian case series.Ophthalmology. 2011 Aug;118(8):1518-23.
16. Carelli V, La Morgia C, Valentino ML, Rizzo G, Carbonelli M, De Negri AM, Sadun F, Carta A, Guerriero S, Simonelli F, Sadun AA, Aggarwal D, Liguori R, Avoni P, Baruzzi A, Zeviani M, Montagna P, Barboni P. Idebenone treatment in Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy. Brain. 2011 Sep;134(Pt 9):e188. Epub 2011 Aug 2.
17. Barboni P, Savini G, Parisi V, Carbonelli M, La Morgia C, Maresca A, Sadun F, De Negri AM, Carta A, Sadun AA, Carelli V: Retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in dominant optic atrophy measurements by optical coherence tomography and correlation with age. Ophthalmology. 2011 Oct;118(10):2076-80.
18. Carta A, Favilla S, Prato M, Bianchi-Marzoli S, Sadun AA, Mora P: Accuracy of funduscopy to identify true edema versus pseudoedema of the optic disc. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2012 Jan 3;53(1):1-6.
19. Rinaldi S, Maioli M, Santaniello S, Castagna A, Pigliaru G, Gualini S, Margotti ML, Carta A, Fontani V, Ventura C.Regenerative treatment using a radioelectric asymmetric conveyor as a novel tool in antiaging medicine: an in vitro beta-galactosidase study. Clin Interv Aging. 2012;7:191-
20. Ventura BV, Miller MT, Danda D, Carta A, Brandt CT, Ventura LO. Profile of ocular and systemic characteristics in Möbius sequence patients from Brazil and Italy. Arq Bras Oftalmol. 2012 May-Jun;75(3):202-6.
21. Scorcia V, Busin M, Lucisano A, Beltz J, Carta A, Scorcia G.Anterior segment optical coherence tomography-guided big-bubble technique.Ophthalmology. 2013 Mar;120(3):471-6.
22. Mora P, Menozzi C, Orsoni JG, Rubino P, Ruffini L, Carta A.Neuro-Behçet's disease in childhood: a focus on the neuro-ophthalmological features. Orphanet J Rare Dis. 2013; 8: 18.
23. Barboni P, Savini G, Cascavilla ML, Caporali L, Milesi J, Borrelli E, La Morgia C, Valentino ML, Triolo G, Lembo A, Carta A, De Negri A, Sadun F, Rizzo G, Parisi V, Pierro L, Bianchi Marzoli S, Zeviani M, Sadun AA, Bandello F, Carelli V. Early macular retinal ganglion cell loss in dominant optic atrophy: genotype-phenotype correlation. Am J Ophthalmol. 2014 Sep;158(3):628-636.e3. doi: 10.1016/j.ajo.2014.05.034. Epub 2014 Jun 5.
24. Gandolfi SA, Ungaro N, Tardini MG, Ghirardini S, Carta A, Mora P. A 10-Year Follow-up to Determine the Effect of YAG Laser Iridotomy on the Natural History of Pigment Dispersion Syndrome: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Ophthalmol. 2014 Sep 4. doi: 10.1001/jamaophthalmol.2014.3291.

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