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Prof. Anna Maria Cantoni was born in Parma on June the 17th 1957.
In 1983 she graduated in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Parma.
She frequented the Institute of Pathology as a graduate student, then she made her fellowship in the same Institute and at the end she got the PhD in Pathology (IV cycle).
From 1991 she became Assistant Professor in V31A teaching section.
The 03/01/2001 she became Associate Professor for the V31A teaching section, actually VET/03, GENERAL PATHOLOGY, and VETERINARY ANATOMY PATHOLOGY, at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Parma, in the Animal health Department.
Prof. Cantoni's research interests are based on: histoenzimatic tests on animals muscles, immunhistochemical studies on swine viral diseases and histopathological lesions induced by xenobiotic intoxications, immunohistochemical analysis to evaluate the aggressivness and metastatic possibilities of mammary, gastric and aortic body canine neoplasias.
Actaully Prof. Cantoni is studying the immunotoxicity of mycotoxin in swine and in this research area has also direct a Reseach Unit (PRIN 2005, Prot. A 2005071234, "Deoxynivalenol immunotoxicity: immunotoxic effects and vaccination immune response in intoxicated piglets".

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