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Personal Data • Date of birth: March 9, 1967 • Place of birth: Parma • Citizenship: Italian • e-mail address: • Work address: Department of Medicine and Surgery, Laboratory of Experimental Oncology. University of Parma Via Volturno, 39 43126 Parma Tel. +390521033768; Fax: +390521033742 Education • October, 1996: PhD in Biology and Molecular Pathology • November 15, 1990: Biological Science Degree, University of Parma, Italy (Score 110/110 cum laude) Research Experience • 2006-2018: Associate Professor of General Pathology at University of Parma. Teacher of General Pathology and Immunology. Member of the Board of the Ph.D. School in Medicine of the University of Parma • 1999-2005: Assistant Professor, University of Parma • 1997-1999: post-doctoral fellowship • Head of Unit of Medicine and Experimental Surgery of the Interdepartmental Centre for Innovation in Health Products BIOPHARMANET-TEC. • Principal Investigators of International grants: : 2012-2013 “Does the maintenance of gefitinib exert a benefit in NSCLC cell lines become resistant after a prolonged gefitinib treatment?” AstraZeneca Global 2013-2015: “Integration of gefitinib and conventional chemotherapy in preventing or retarding the acquisition of gefitinib resistance in NSCLC cell lines” AstraZeneca Global 2015-2017: “Effect of combining Osimertinib with conventional chemotherapy or monoclonal antibodies versus HER family in NSCLC cell lines carrying activating mutations” AstraZeneca Global 2018-2020: “Preclinical evaluation of mechanisms of intrinsic resistance to osimertinib” AstraZeneca Global • Co-investigator of Grants from: AIRC IG 2009: “Optimizing EGFR inhibitor treatment in NSCLC” PI: A. Ardizzoni Italian Minister of Health grant 2006-2009“Biological predictive factors of response to target therapies in lung cancer”. PI A. Ardizzoni AIRC IG 2013: “Novel molecularly targeted approaches in the treatment of Squamous Cell Cancer of the Lung” PI A. Ardizzoni AIRC IG 2016:” Study of PD-L1 and other immunotherapy efficacy predictors on cytology and circulating tumor cells in advanced NSCLC”. PI A. Ardizzoni AIRC IG 2017: “Beyond third-generation TKI in EGFR mutated NSCLC: resistance mechanisms, novel combinations and synthesis of new agents” PI M. Tiseo Novartis Farma: 2013-2015“Anti-tumor activity and molecular mechanisms of NVP-BGJ398 in NSCLC: studies in vitro and in xenotransplanted nude mice”; Novartis Farma:2012-2013 “Effect of BKM120 and BYL719 alone or in combination with EGFR TK inhibitors in NSCLC cell lines”; Professional Memberships • Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Biochemical Pharmacology • Reviewer for: OncoTarget, Oncogene, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, Molecular Cancer, Mol. Carcinogenesis, PLOS One, Journal of Thoracic Oncology, Journal of Oncopathology, British Journal of Cancer, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Recent Patent on Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery, J. Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology, Pharmaceutical Design Journal, Medicinal Research Review, J of Experimental and Clinical cancer Research. • Member of: American Society for Investigative Pathology, European Association for Cancer Research, Italian Cancer Society, Italian Pathology Society, Cellular Biology and Differentiation Society. Scientific Production • Co-Author of 88 papers published on peer-reviewed international journals for a total impact factor of around 350 an average impact factor of 4.6, total citation of 1797 and total H-index of 27 (Scopus) • Patents: Alfieri R., Bordi F., Carmi C, Cavazzoni A., Lodola A, Mor M, Petronini PG, Vezzosi S. Composti inibitori irreversibili di EGFR con attività antiproliferativa PCT/IB2009/055980 Bernini F., Adorni M.P., Petronini P.G., Alfieri R, Galetti M., Favari E., Incerti M. New MDR1 inhibitors to overcome multidrug resistance PCT/EP2015/067795 Research activity The scientific interest is focused on Translational Research in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer. In particular she has been involved in the exploration in pre-clinical models, both in-vitro and in xenotransplanted nude mice, of the efficacy of new therapeutic strategies to prevent/overcome targeted drug resistance.

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