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Curriculum Inglese: Personal Data • Date of birth: March 9, 1967 • Place of birth: Parma • Citizenship: Italian • e-mail address: • Work address: Department of Medicine and Surgery, Laboratory of Experimental Oncology. University of Parma Via Volturno, 39 43126 Parma Tel. +390521033768; Fax: +390521033742 Education •
• 2006-at present Associate Professor of General Pathology at University of Parma.
• 2020: National Scientific Qualification for full professor for SC 06/A2 General Pathology and Clinical Pathology. The bibliometric indicators exceed the national threshold values fixed for the position of Committee member for SC 06/A2.
• 1999-2005: Assistant Professor (RUC), University of Parma
• 1997-1999: post-doctoral fellowships
• October, 1996: PhD in Biology and Molecular Pathology
• July 1991: Qualified as a professional Biologist
• November 15, 1990: Biological Science Master Degree, University of Parma, Italy (Score 110/110 cum laude)

Teaching activities and PhD supervision
Associate prof of General Pathology SSD MED/04 University of Parma
-Coordinator of the “Microbiology and General Pathology” Course, Pharmaceutical Chemist and Technology degree.
--Coordinator of “Biomedical Science” Integrate Course, Midwifery degree.
-Coordinator of “Immunology and Immunohematology” Course, Biomedical Laboratory Techniques degree.
- Teacher in "General Pathology” Course Pharmacy degree.
-Teacher in “Immunology and General Pathology” Course, Medicine and Surgery degree.
- Teacher in “Molecular Oncology” Course, Pharmacy degree.
-Teacher in the Postgraduate Specialization in “Clinical Pathology and Clinical Biochemistry” School; in Medical Oncology School; in Clinical Immunology and Allergology School.
-Teacher in ULLA Summer School - European University Consortium for Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Supervisor of 15 PhD students: 2016-2022 in the Ph.D. Course in Translational Medical and Surgical Sciences; 2002-2015 in the Ph.D. Course in Molecular Biology and Pathology.

Other work experience
In the context of the Third Mission, aiming at spreading culture, knowledge and transferring research results outside the academic community, thus contributing to social and cultural growth, R.Alfieri was among the promoters of activity in:
2022 Coordinator of activities during the European Researcher Night
2021: Among the authors of La tempesta del Covid Dimensioni bioetiche (Franco Angeli editore)
2019 Speaker “Nuove frontiere nelle terapie oncologiche” Aperitivi della conoscenza
2016-2017 Speaker at the “Unistem day”

Administrative role and position responsibility
2013-at present: Head of the Unit of Medicine and Experimental Surgery of the Interdepartmental Centre for Innovation in Health Products BIOPHARMANET-TEC
Scientific organizations/Coordinator of academic activities
2020-at present: Director of the Postgraduate Specialization in Clinical Pathology and Clinical Biochemistry for Medical Doctors
2020-at present: Director of the Postgraduate Specialization in Clinical Pathology and Clinical Biochemistry for Biologists
2020-at present: Coordinator of the Joint Teacher-Student Committee of the Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Parma.
2011-2019: Member of the Joint Teacher-Student Committee of the Department of Medicine and Surgery
2016-at present: Member of the Board of the Ph.D. Course in Translational Medical and Surgical Sciences
2011-2014: Member of the Ph.D. School in Medicine and Surgery
2002-2014: Member of the Board of the Ph.D. Course in Molecular Biology and Pathology

Organizer and Member of the Scientific Committee of:
2022: International Congress” Malignant pleural mesothelioma : preclinical and clinical research (Parma)
2017: International Congress “ Malignant pleural mesothelioma: Preclinical and clinical research II edition (Parma)
2015: National Congress “Verso la Farmacia dei Servizi: nuovi orizzonti nella terapia antitimorale” (Parma)
2009: International Congress "Translational Research in pleuro-pulmonary tumors: overview and new experimental data" (Parma)
2009: National Congress “ Stress cellulare: sopravvivenza ed apoptosi” (Parma)
2006: National Congress “Prevenzione, diagnosi precoce e nuove terapie del tumore del polmone” (Brescia).

Patent: Bernini F., Adorni M.P., Petronini P.G., Alfieri R, Galetti M., Favari E., Incerti M.
New MDR1 inhibitors to overcome multidrug resistance

Chair of
2022: Chairs in the International Congress “Translational research in thoracic malignancies: state if the art and research experience (Parma)
2021: Chair in the International Congress “Lung Cancer in 2021: controversies and perspectives” (Parma)
2019: Chair in the National Congress “La Ricerca Traslazionale nelle neoplasie toraciche: Stato dell’arte ed esperienze di Ricerca” (Parma)
2018: Chair in the National Congress “ Le neoplasia toraciche nel 2018: controversie e prospettive future” (Parma)
2017: Invited Speaker in the National Congress “La Ricerca Traslazionale nelle neoplasie polmonari: Stato dell’arte ed esperienze di Ricerca” (Parma)
2016: Invited Speaker to International Congress "Oncology Science Conference" AstraZeneca (Milan)

Editorial activity
2011- at present: Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Biochemical Pharmacology
2020 -at present :Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Cancers.
Contributed to the Italian version of “Immunology, Infection and Immunity” G.B. Pier ed.PICCIN
Reviewer for: Biochemical Pharmacology, Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, British Journal of Cancer, Cancer Letters, Cancer, Cancers, Chemotherapy and Pharmacology, Critical Review in oncology, Experimental Lung Research, Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine, International Journal of Cancer, Journal Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology, Journal of Biological Physics, Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research, Journal of Neurochemistry, Journal of Thoracic Oncology, Medicinal Research Review, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, Molecular Carcinogenesis, Molecular Cancer, Molecular Oncology, Oncogene, Oncotarget, Pharmaceutical Design Journal, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Physiology, PLOS ONE, Recent Patent on Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery, Targeted Oncology.

Membership of scientific societies
Ordinary Member of:
2012 at present European Association for Cancer Research,
2012 at present :Italian Cancer Society,
2004 at present: American Society for Investigative Pathology,
2004 at present: Italian Society of Pathology and Translational Medicine.
2018 at present Member of the Scientific Commitee of MartaLive ONLUS Foundation (Brugherio MB)

Project title
Person months
Funding organization
Principal Investigators of International grants:
-2012-2013 “Does the maintenance of gefitinib exert a benefit in NSCLC cell lines become resistant after a prolonged gefitinib treatment?” AstraZeneca Global
-2013-2015: “Integration of gefitinib and conventional chemotherapy in preventing or retarding the acquisition of gefitinib resistance in NSCLC cell lines” AstraZeneca Global
-2015-2017: “Effect of combining Osimertinib with conventional chemotherapy or monoclonal antibodies versus HER family in NSCLC cell lines carrying activating mutations” AstraZeneca Global
-2018-2020: “Preclinical evaluation of mechanisms of intrinsic resistance to osimertinib” AstraZeneca Global
-2021-2023 “Metabolic reprogramming as a mechanism of resistance to the EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor Osimertinib” AstraZeneca Global
-2021-2023:” New approaches for preventing or overcoming resistance to targeted therapies in preclinical models of NSCLC EGFR or Ras oncogenic addicted” Competitive research grant international peer-reviewed FIL University of Parma.
-Funding of basic research activities (FFABR), MIUR 2017. Role: PI.
Co-investigator and Coordinator of preclinical research:
-Grant in oncology research "Biological predictive factors of response to target therapies in lung cancer". Minister of Health 2006, PI Prof. Ardizzoni.
-AIRC IG 2009: “Optimizing EGFR inhibitor treatment in NSCLC” PI: A. Ardizzoni
-Italian Minister of Health grant 2006-2009“Biological predictive factors of response to target therapies in lung cancer”. (PI A. Ardizzoni)
-AIRC IG 2013: “Novel molecularly targeted approaches in the treatment of Squamous Cell Cancer of the Lung” (PI A. Ardizzoni)
-AIRC IG 2016:” Study of PD-L1 and other immunotherapy efficacy predictors on cytology and circulating tumor cells in advanced NSCLC”. PI A. Ardizzoni
-AIRC IG 2017: “Beyond third-generation TKI in EGFR mutated NSCLC: resistance mechanisms, novel combinations and synthesis of new agents” PI M. Tiseo

Bibliometric data
Hindex (Scopus): 36
Total number of publications in peer-reviewed journals: 115
Citations: 3432
Total IF: 848
n. and total IF of publications as first author: n. 14 total I.F. 143
n. and total IF of publications as last or corresponding authors: n.21 total I.F. 191

Research activity
The scientific interest is focused on Translational Research in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer.
In particular she has been involved in the exploration in pre-clinical models, both in-vitro and in xenotransplanted nude mice, of the efficacy of new therapeutic strategies to prevent/overcome drug resistance.


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