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Lucia Scaffardi, graduated with honors at Genoa University, holds a PhD Doctor in Constitutional Law from the University of Bologna. 

She is Full Professor of Public Comparative Law with the Department of Law, Political and International Studies of the University of Parma, where she also teaches Italian Constitutional and Comparative Law in the Course of Political Science and International Relations.

She is member of the Scientific Board of the PhD course in Legal Sciences of Parma and Modena Universities and former member of PhD course in Constitutional Law, School of Law Sciences, University of Bologna.
She is the coordinator of the BRICS Parma research group ( She has been a member of the Committee for Biosecurity, Biotechnologies and Life Sciences in Rome, President of the Committee for Statute guarantee of the Region Emilia Romagna (Consulta di Garanzia Statutaria della Regione Emilia Romagna). Former consultant with specialization in Constitutional and Comparative Law first to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, then at the Ministry of Public Administration and Simplification. Member of the Scientific Board for Legal Sciences (Comitato Scientifico di Area 112) of the University of Parma. Member of the Italian Association of Comparative law (AIDC); Member of the Association of Comparative and European Public Law (DPCE); Member of the Association of Italian Constitutionalists (AIC); Member of Council of European Studies (CES), Columbia University, New York.

Author of three monographs (L'ordinamento federale australiano. Aspetti problematici, Padova, 2000; Oltre i confini della libertà di espressione. L'istigazione all'odio razziale, Padova, 2009; Giustizia genetica e tutela della persona. Uno studio comparato sull'uso (e abuso) delle Banche dati del DNA a fini giudiziari, Padova, 2017), and essays in Italian and comparative Constitutional Law, among which: Legal Protection and Ethical Management of Genetic Databases: Challenges of the European Process of Harmonization, in Jean Monnet Working Paper, NYU School of Law, 2008; BRICS, a Multi-Centre "legal Network"?, in Beijing Law Review, 5/2014; BRICS: A Mirage of Reality, in H. Corder, V. Federico, R. Orrù (eds), The Quest for Constitutionalism. South Africa since 1994, Ashgate, 2014; Data retention e diritti della persona, in, 2/2017.

She carries out intensive research and has directed several research projects. Between these the most recent are about DNA database, Novel Food, Privacy and big data, BRICS countries and legal network. Another area of research is about "Legal Transplant and Parliament". The result of this work is now published into: “Parlamenti in dialogo. L’uso della comparazione nella funzione legislativa", L. Scaffardi (ed.), Napoli, 2011 and N. Lupo & L. Scaffardi (eds.) “Comparative law in legislative drafting. The increasing importance of dialogue amongst Parliaments, The Hague, 2014.”

She was Visiting Professor (2018) in the University of Coimbra, Facultade de Direito - Centro de Direito Biomédico, where she held two Conferences on  Dna Databases for criminal purposes e Social Rights in Italy. She was visiting fellow (in 2014 and 2015) at the Institute of European and Comparative Law, University of Oxford, with a research on Privacy and Forensics DNA database; she has been Visiting Fellow at the Washington School of Law, American University of Washington (2013); she has been Visiting Fellow (2011) at King’s College London, at the Department of Medical Law and Ethics.

She has participated as panelist and discussant in many conferences in Italy and abroad.

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Lines of research

Research Topics USA, UK and Commonwealth Countries (with special focus on Australia, Canada, South Africa); Emerging Countries (BRICS); Fundamental rights (hate speech, health rights, privacy, social rights); bioethics (DNA databases for legal purposes; law and genetics; food safety; GMO and Novel Food); Constitutional systems (federalism; regional law; Parliament’s Upper Houses); European and comparative constitutional law (multilevel guarantee of fundamental rights; Nice Charter; Lisbon Treaty, common law legal systems)


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