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Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences, University of Parma (year 2003). Chemistry Degree, University of Parma (score: 110/110 cum Laude) (year 1999). Associate Professor in Analytical Chemistry (Department of Chemistry, University of Parma) (from October 2014). Researcher in Analytical Chemistry (Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, University of Parma (from December 2002 to October 2014). The research activity concerns the development and validation of innovative methods based on hyphenated techniques, the development of new materials and methods mainly for the analysis of volatile compounds and the application of multivariate statistical analysis in food, biological, forensic and environmental areas. Expertise in the development and validation of new analytical methods mainly based on separation and hyphenated techniques for the determination of compounds of environmental, toxicological and food interest. Extensive experience in sample treatment techniques carried out with gas-phase extraction methods for the analysis of volatile substances. Expertise in the development of methods based on solid-phase extraction techniques for the extraction of non volatile substances. Deep knowledge of chemometrics. Large expertise in instrumental analysis using mass-spectrometry based techniques. Great experience in the validation of analytical methods. Recent scientific interest in the development of new materials for the analysis of compounds of environmental, biological and food concern with the aim of proposing an improvement of the analytical performances focusing on the selectivity of the utilized devices. Teaching Experience. Courses: Laboratory of Method Validation, Laboratory of Chemometrics II, Chemometrics I, Chemometrics II, Mass Spectrometry-based Analytical Methods for students of the degree in Chemistry, Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry and Science and Technology of Industrial Chemistry Method validation, Development of analytical methods for trace analysis and Chemometrics for the "Laboratory Quality System" University master course Techniques of chemical analysis for the “Forensic Sciences” University master course. Participation in the activity of the "Analytical Methodologies and Quality Control" National Scientific Consortium that organizes courses targeted to analysts of official and private laboratories on validation of analytical methods. Supervisor of many students of the degrees in Chemistry, Science and Chemical Technologies, Food Science and Technologies, Science and Environmental Technologies for the Environment and the Production System. Author of 87 scientific papers on international peer-reviewed journals and more than 100 participations to national and international conferences, 2 patents. H-index:30. Team member of research units in scientific projects financed by the Italian University and Research Ministry and by the Regional Laboratory for Food Safety and Quality. Team member of research projects in cooperation with industries and public organizations. Organizing activity and Institutional duties Coordinator of the course entitled Validation of analytical methods for the University 2nd level Master course “Quality Systems in Analytical Chemistry Laboratory' (2002-2003). Member of the executive committee of the University 2nd level Master course “Quality Systems in Analytical Chemistry Laboratory' (2004-2010). Team member of the university commission to steer students into the Science and Chemical Technologies degree (2004-2009 and 2012-present). Member of the organizing committee of the 'XVIII Congresso Nazionale di Chimica Analitica' (Parma, September 2004). Coordinator of the activity “The Frontiers of Chemistry” for the project “Scientific degrees-Chemistry”, University of Parma (2005-2007). In charge of the organizing committee of the Scientific Symposium Food Safety and Quality, Nutrition and Nano-Technology Joint Event EFSA–University of Parma (year 2007). In charge of the organizing committee of the workshop 'La tecnica SPME in campo ambientale, clinico e forense'(Parma, November 2007) in collaboration with Sigma-Aldrich. Member of the College of Teachers of the PhD scool in Chemical Sciences (2007-present). Member of many commissions of the Department of Chemistry. 2010-2011: Menber of the Scientific Committee of the Summer School 'Metodi innovativi nell'analisi chimica ambientale' (2010-2011). Member of the Centro Interdipartimentale Packaging (CIPACK), Tecnopolo di Parma (2011-present). Member of the Executive Committee of the 'Packaging' University 1st level Master course. Member of the Teachnig Committee of the doctoral course in Science and Material Technology (2013-present). Director of the postgraduated university course "Quality System and Quality Control in the Analytical Labs" (2014-present). Member of the Department Council (2017-present). Delegate of the Director of the SCVSA Department for job placement activities (2017-present).Coordinator of the departmental Commission for job placement (2020-present).

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