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Born in 1977 he degreed in Civil Engineering at the University of Parma in 2002 (110/110 magna cum laude). Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at the University of Parma in 2006 with a thesis on automatic algorithms in close-range photogrammetry (best Ph.D. Italian thesis - Autec Price 2006).
After PhD completion PI Roncella has been employed continuously in a research active environment.
- 2006 he was awarded a 4 year competitive research post-doctoral position at the University of Parma (Italy). In 2006 he spent three months at the University of Florida (UF) as visiting scholar.
- 2008 he was one of the co-founder and CEO of an Accademic Spin-off (GeoDigital Solutions – a company involved in developing innovative surveying approaches and equipment (mostly software solutions) to address geotechnical and geomechanics applications).
- 2008 he has been employed as a full-time Assistant Professor at the University of Parma (FTE).
- 10/2014-current he has been employed as Associate Professor (FTE) at the University of Parma.
- 2017 he qualified as full professor - National Scientific Qualification (Italian Ministry of Education).

The quality of Prof. Roncella research is evidenced by a strong publication output in top tier journals on the field and the dissemination of his research outcomes to a significant number of international and national conferences.
He published 73 journal papers, 10 scientific book chapters and 70 conference papers.

CITATIONS (March 2022):
Scopus: 88 documents, 1689 citations, H-index=24
Web of Knowledge: 61 documents, 1062 citations, H-index=18
Google scholar: 127 documents, 2239 citations, H-index=27, i10-index=54

In the last years he published in top ranking International journals ( ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing SJR2020 =2.960, CiteScore2020 = 14.9, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering SJR2020 =2.140, CS2020 = 9.0, Remote Sensing SJR2020 =1.285, CS2020 = 6.6, Planetary and Space Science SJR2020 =0.696, CS2020 = 3.2, and Sensors SJR2020 =0.636, CS2020 = 5.8.
Many of his latest paper has outstanding citation metrics. Considering just few of them:
Automatic detection of stone pavement's pattern based on UAV photogrammetry (2021) - FWCI: 4.93 CB: 95th percentile
Temporal-spatial frequency rockfall data from open-pit highwalls using a low-cost monitoring system (2020) - FWCI: 1.81 CB: 85th percentile
Indirect UAV strip georeferencing by on-board GNSS data under poor satellite coverage (2019) - FWCI: 2.51 CB: 90th percentile
HBIM for conservation: A new proposal for information modeling (2019) - FWCI: 4.5; CB: 96th percentile
Quality assessment of DSMs produced from UAV flights georeferenced with on-board RTK positioning (2018) - FWCI: 9.63; CB: 99th percentile
Testing accuracy and repeatability of UAV blocks oriented with GNSS-supported aerial triangulation (2017) - FWCI: 6.66; CB: 98th percentile
Unmanned Aerial Systems and DSM matching for rock glacier monitoring (2017) - FWCI: 3.74; CB: 95th percentile

- EyeDEA: Structure from Motion software to perform automatic image block orientation and subsequent bundle adjustment. Tested by Univ. of Parma and Politecnico di Milano. Developed and distributed by GeoDigital Solutions S.r.l. – Univ. of Parma Spin-off.
- RockScan: Software for rock slopes stability analysis through the identification of discontinuities from photogrammetric or Laser Scanning surveys. Tested by Univ. of Parma, Politecnico di Milano, Univ. Statale di Torino, Univ. Statale di Milano, Politecnico di Torino. Developed and distributed by GeoDigital Solutions S.r.l.
- DICe: Digital Image Correlation software to perform strain field evaluation in load tests by means of photogrammetric acquisitions. Tested by Univ. of Parma, Politecnico di Milano and Univ. of Florida. Under commercial development.
- DenseMatcher: Area Based Image Matching Software package that can be applied to several application fields (e.g. DSM production, displacement evaluation, etc.). The software uses state-of-art matching algorithms based on both Local and SemiGlobal proprietary matching algorithms. Tested by Univ. of Parma, INAF – Astronomical Observatory of Padua, UCL and Tonji Univ. Under commercial development.
- SlopeMonitor: Software for automated DSM reconstruction of slopes/rock walls and monitoring of movements and failure. The software uses the same state-of-the-art matching routines of DenseMatcher, as well as SfM (for image orientation stability check) and change detection (for assessing displacements/rock falls) algorithms. Tested by Univ. of Parma, Valle d’Aosta Region, University of Newcastle (Australia).

Mentoring and research facilities
After obtaining the professorship position, Prof. Roncella supervised and mentored several MEngSci students (more than 30) and PhD students (Cristina Re (PhD), Giorgia Bianchi (PhD), Elisa Dall’Asta (PhD), Marina Santise (PhD), Nazarena Bruno (PhD), Fabrizio Rechichi (PhD), Matteo Fornari (PhD student), Pietro Garieri (PhD Student)).

Invited keynote and speaker addresses
2020 – Invited Lecture: CGMM – Univ. of Newcastle - Innovative techniques for surveying and monitoring the environment - Photogrammetry.
2016 – Invited Plenary Keynote: XX Convegno Nazionale ASITA 2016 – Geomatics application for risk assessment in high mountain
2014 – Invited Keynote: Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei - Where is photogrammetry heading to? State of the art and trends. (Speaker: Prof. Gianfranco Forlani)
2014 – Invited Keynote: Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei - Where is photogrammetry heading to? State of the art and trends
2014 – Invited Lecture: UEE Grenoble–“Les principes de la mesure du relief: PHOTOGRAMMÉTRIE”
2014/13/12 -Seminar: Univ. of Parma, Politecnico di Milano, FBK-Subpixel techniques formatching, image registration and change detection with applications to civil and environmental engineering.(Scientific Organizer)
2013 – Invited keynote: Parma Smart City - CAT-MED - Platform for Sustainable Models 2013 –
Seminar: Univ. of Parma - Photogrammetric Survey, Remote Sensing and Cartography: a company’s point of view on new tendency and prospectives. (Scientific Org.)
2013 –Invited Lecture: City of Fidenza -Innovative Surveying methods for Environmentprotection.
2013 –Invited Lecture: Rilem Technical Committee (RTC)-DIC Systems: a brief review of image matching techniques and their benefits and limitations
2012 –Invited Lecture: CGMM –Univ. of Newcastle-Photogrammetry applied to geotechnical applications.
2012 –Invited Lecture: Rilem Technical Committee 241-MCD -Digital image correlation techniques and their applications in displacement measurement and strain analyses in cracking phenomena
2011 –Seminar: Univ. of Parma, Politecnico di Milano, FBK–3D model generation: Techniques and applications.
(Scientific Org.)
2007 –Invited Lecture: Politecnico di Milano -Close Range Matching Algorithms
2007 –Invited Lecture: Delft University-Automatic matching algorithms
2007 –Invited Lecture: Politecnico di Milano –Single Image projective geometry

Research support income
- 2021 ARC Discovery Project DP210101122 - Efficient geotechnical risk management of rock cliffs. (Principal Investigator - 385K AUD)
- EU POR FESR 2018 - Protocolli Operativi Scalabili per l’agricoltura di precisione (POSITIVE). (Part. – 1.1M €)
- 2019 ACARP Funding Long Proposal C29050 - Low Cost Terrestrial Stereo-Pair Photogrammetric Monitoring System for Highly Hazardous Areas. (PI – 210K AUD)
- ARC Linkage project 2016 LP160100370 - A new framework for a cost-effective geohazard assessment. (PI – 275K AUD)
- EU POR FESR 2016 - AgroAlimentare Idrointelligente ALADIN. Nuova piattaforma tecnologica multisensoriale da utilizzare nell’irrigazione a rateo variabile (Part. – 1. 4M €)
- CariParma Art Network – Percorsi multimediali innovativi per la valorizzazione del Museo Archeologico - Nazionale. (CI – 50K €)
- MIUR-FIRB 2010: Subpixel techniques for matching, image registration and change detection with applications to civil and environmental engineering. (CI – 477K €)
- Spinner Project - Innovative 3D Modeling (CI – 10K €).
- Prin 2007: Tecniche avanzate di rilievo geostrutturale dedicate all’analisi delle condizioni di stabilità degli amassi rocciosi. (Part.)
- Interreg IIIB - ClimChAlp Alpine Space “Slope Monitoring Methods”. (Part.)
- Analysis and Diagnosis of the Damaged structures of the Citadel of Damascus – Ministero degli Esteri and Sirian Government. (Part.)
- Interreg IIIA ‘Développement d’outils méthodologiques pour la détection et l’étude de la propagation des éboulements de masse – ROCKSLIDETEC’. (Part.)
- Regional Programme for Industrial Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer – VARSIS (Part.)
- Cofin2004: Applicazioni delle reti di stazioni permanenti GPS al catasto strade, all’aggiornamento della cartografia e al monitoraggio di strutture. (Part.)
- Cofin2002: I sistemi inerziali integrati di posizionamento nella fotogrammetria aerea. (Part.)

Scientific committee
- 3D-Arch 2019 (ISPRS and CIPA)
- GEORES 2019 (ISPRS) – “Cultural Heritage: challenges, new perspectives and technology innovation”
Editorial board membership
- Remote Sensing MDPI – (Rank #18/186 – CiteScore 6.6) - 2019-current – Editorial Board Member
- Remote Sensing MDPI – (Rank #18/186 – CiteScore 6.6) - 2018-current – Guest Editor
Reviewer for various international journals
He is acting as a reviewer for a wide range of leading journals including ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Photogrammetric Record, Géotechnique Letters, Engineering Computations, European Journal of Remote Sensing, International Journal of Remote Sensing, ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, Sensor, Road Material and Pavement Design, Remote Sensing, ISPRS Annals and Applied Geomatics, Applied Sciences, Construction and Building Materials, Measurement, AI.
Competitive research grant assessor
- Austrian Science Fund (ASF)
- Register of Expert Peer-Reviewers for Italian Scientific Evaluation – REPRISE (Italy)
- Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Other referee activities
- Review activity for national and international conferences
- Politecnico di Milano (Prof. Pinto, Prof. Fassi, Prof. Achille, Prof. Barazzetti, Prof. Brumana)
- University of Florida (Prof. Roque, Prof. Birgisson)
- University College London – UCL (Prof. Robson, Dr. Hess),
- TU Delft (Prof. Nardinocchi)
- University of Newcastle (Prof. Buzzi, A/Prof Giacomini, Dr. Thoeni)
- INAF – Astronomical Observatory of Padova (Dr. Cremonese, Prof. Naletto)
- Tonji University (Prof. Scaioni)

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