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Dr. Barbara Simonazzi graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 1997. In 2001 she earned a PHD in Veterinary Ophthalmology. From January 2005 she is researcher in the S.S.D. VET/09 at the Veterinary Surgical Clinic of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, referring to the Section of Veterinary Surgical Clinic and Emergency Medicine of the Department of Animal Health. Currently she teaches the course of Veterinary Anesthesiology, part of Surgery of small and great animals, and of part of the Training of Surgical Clinic, obstetrics and gynecology. She is author of 56 articles, the majority of them about ophthalmology, published on national and international reviews. She has participated as a lecturer and instructor in several seminaries, courses and conferences of ophthalmology and surgery.
Her main field of interest is ophthalmology of small and great animals with a focus on ophthalmology surgery. She is also interested in general surgery.

Completion accademic year: 2018/2019

Completion accademic year: 2017/2018

Completion accademic year: 2016/2017



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