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Paola Torelli
V.lo S.Caterina, 27
43100 Parma - Italy
Tel. +39-0521-232481
Tax code: TRLPLA71D50G3370


Name: Paola TORELLI
Place and date of birth: Parma, 04.10.1971
Address: V.lo Santa Caterina, 27 - 43100 Parma - Italy
Telephone: +39-0521-232481
Nationality: Italian

11/01/2005 Researcher in neurology
2002 Licensed as full trained neurologist ((Laurea con voto di 50/50 e lode e menzione - Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia - Università degli Studi di Parma)
Thesis subject: “Cluster headache prevalence in the Italian general population”
Thesis supervisor: Prof. Gian Camillo Manzoni
1998 Licensed as a certified medical doctor/surgeon at the 1st session of the national qualifying examination
07/15/1997 Summa cum laude degree from the University of Parma School of Medicine (Laurea con voto di 110/110 e lode e menzione - Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia - Università degli Studi di Parma)
Thesis subject: “Cefalea da week-end e vita di relazione” (Study of a Possible Relation between Weekend Headache and Social Life)
Thesis supervisor: Prof. Gian Camillo Manzoni
1989 School-leaving certificate from the Parma High School of Music (Maturità Musicale con voto 52/60 - Liceo Musicale Sperimentale “Arrigo Boito”- Parma)

Classical music: Piano playing, 8th grade diploma at the Parma Conservatoire (8° Anno di Pianoforte con voto 8/10 - Conservatorio “Arrigo Boito”- Parma)
English learned at school, through private lessons with English mother-tongue teachers and at language courses abroad.

MS-DOS and Window systems, Microsoft Word 7.0, Excel 7.0, Access 7.0, Power Point 7.0, SPSS 11.0 software package.


· Has attended the University of Parma Institute of Neurology since April 1996, collaborating with Prof. Gian Camillo Manzoni on research projects and on outpatient care at the Institute’s Headache Center.
· Is deeply concerned with the study of the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of weekend headache and cluster headache and the presentation of study results in national and international scientific conferences and in indexed neurology journals.
· Has personally been seeing patients at the outpatient office of the Parma Headache Center since 1998, with an average number of visits exceeding 40 a month.
· Is actively involved in a cluster headache pathophysiology research project sponsored by Italy’s Ministry for University Education and Scientific and Technologic Research (MURST), investigating a possible CNS involvement in cluster headache through a recording of patients’ pain thresholds by means of a computerized pressure algometer.
· Is working on other scientific research projects promoted by the University of Parma in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 aimed at the identification of possible factors determining the evolution of episodic cluster headache into the chronic stage, the identification of possible predictive factors of migraine with aura evolution, clinical aspects in familial cluster headache, prevalence of cluster headache in the general population,
· Is a coinvestigator in some international drug trial protocols currently underway.
· Has been a scientific member of the advisory board of the journal Confinia Cephalalgica since 1998.
· Has been one of the scientific editors of Confinia Cephalalgica since September 1999
· Has been a member of the Italian Neurological Society (SIN), of the Italian Society for the Study of Headache (SISC) since 1998 and of the Italian Neurological Association for the Research of Headache (ANIRCEF) since 2002.
· Has participated in several neurology refresher course programs.
· Has presented 34 scientific reports at national and 3 international conferences.
· Has been a teaching member of the School for the Study of Headache sponsored by the Italian Association for Specialized Neurological Training in the Study of Headache (ASC – Associazione per una Scuola delle Cefalee – Scuola di Formazione Superiore per specialisti neurologi) since february 1999
· Is certified by the Board of Qualification in Headache Disorders (Milano, 8-13 november 1999)
· Has been working in Glostrup Headache Centre – under Prof. Jes Olesen’s direction – for 6 months in 2001 as a trainee.
· Has won a 1-year fellow ship of the University of Parma in 2002 on ”Possible predictive factors for the chronic evolution of migraine without aura”
· Has won a 2-year fellow ship of the University of Parma in 2003 on ”Epidemiology of cluster headache”

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  • Course year: 2 - First cycle degree (DM 270) - Nursing - A.Y.: 2014/2015

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