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Alberto Sabbioni was born in Mantova on September the 24th, 1956.
He graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Parma in 1981. University Researcher from May 1990, then Associate Professor of "Zootechnics 2: Genetics, Breeding and Animal Production" from November 1992 and Confirmed Associate Professor from November 1995 (SSD AGR/17, General Zootechnics and Genetic Improvement).
He is Author of about 280 papers on national and international journals, proceeding abstracts and book chapters, about, in particular:
a) the nutrition and feeding of domestic animals,
b) the quality of feeds of animal origin,
c) the study of small populations with the aim of their safeguard,
d) the application of mathematical models to milk production and animal growth,
e) the relationships between breed (genotype) and meat production and quality in avian species (fowl, ostrich), cattle and swine,
f) the study and exploitation of biodiversity in domestic and game species,
g) the study of metabolic markers (beta-lactoglobulin, leptin) of productive and reproductive efficiency in cattle and swine.

Completion accademic year: 2019/2020

Completion accademic year: 2018/2019

Completion accademic year: 2017/2018

Completion accademic year: 2016/2017

Completion accademic year: 2015/2016

Completion accademic year: 2014/2015

Completion accademic year: 2013/2014


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