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1982 - Graduated in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan in 1982 under Prof. G. Canella (100/100 with honours).
1987 - Took a PhD in Architectural Composition at the IUAV, with a thesis (later published) on “The compositional paradigm of the capital city”, CELID Turin 1996.
1986/96 - Creator, promoter, and coordinator of the International Seminar on Architectural Design “La Città del Teatro”, sponsored by the Department of Design of the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Milan, held in Parma in 1987, 1990, and 1994.
1994 - Won a post-doctoral scholarship in Architectural Composition on “typological analysis as a tool to explore the communicative aspects of constructed space” at the House-City Department of the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Turin. Assumed as adjunct professor for a course on “the distributive character of buildings - theories of contemporary architectural research” at the Polytechnic University of Turin.
1998 - Competes in a national competition to become Associate Professor in Architectural and Urban Composition. Called to fill this role at the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Turin, where he oversaw a 4th year Design Workshop.
1999 - Promotes the foundation of the Faculty of Architecture in Parma of which he became a full professor.
2001 - Won a place as full professor in Architectural and Urban Composition at the Faculty of Architecture of Parma as head of the Architectural Design Workshop 1.
2004/2012 - Originator, director, and Chief Science Officer of seven editions of the Festival of Architecture (in Parma, Reggio Emilia, and Modena), an event recognized at an international level for the dissemination and comparison of architectural research, above all to do with the relationship between architecture and the city, involving a wide network of contributions from Italian and European universities. Founded the publishing house Festival Architettura Edizioni (www.festivalarchitettura.it).
2010 - Organized the First Parma Food Valley Symposium, involving 44 lecturers from the University of Parma in different scientific-disciplinary fields, entitled “What do we mean by Food Valley?”, Parma FAM 2011. Appointed expert member of the Landscape Commission of the Emilia Romagna Region.
2011 - Coordinated a group proposing research on “Designing the built: new models of integrated quality for the compact city” consisting of professors and researchers from the Universities of Parma, Ferrara, Bologna, and Reggio-Modena that won on a comparative basis (1st place out of over 70 questions) PhD scholarships provided by the high-qualification programme for the development of innovative ideas and projects in the Emilia Romagna Region, Spinner 2013, with financing by the European Social Fund.
One of the promoters of the exhibition “European Architectural Identity” selected for participation in the European Festival of Parma organized by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority with headquarters in Parma) by the City of Parma, the Province of Parma, the European Commission – Milan branch, Europass, and the University of Parma.
2012 - As Chief Science Officer of a group of the University of Parma participated in a tender and obtained European funding to realize an LLP-Erasmus Intensive Program Design Workshop held in Parma with the participation of schools of architecture from Aachen, San Sebastian, Barcelona, and Krakow, entitled “The Europe Effect - an Urban Gate for the University Campus in Parma's Oltretorrente District”, FAM Parma 2012. Assumed the position as vice-director of the Department of Civil Engineering, Environment, Territory and Architecture of the University of Parma.
2013 - Organized on behalf of Kent State University an urban design forum: “CITTAEMILIA, the Kent State Forum on the City” Florence Alinea.
Chief Science Officer of multidisciplinary inter-university research group consisting of lecturers from the Universities of Parma, Ferrara, and Bologna and the Polytechnic University of Milan - Piacenza branch, with a project on “Architecture for Emergencies: strategies and methodologies for the recovery and regeneration of urban fabric affected by seismic events” funded (second in the ranking) with a PhD scholarship from the high-qualification programme for the development of innovative ideas and projects in the Emilia Romagna Region Spinner 2013, with financing by the European Social Fund.
Candidate within the LLP (Lifelong Learning Programme) – an Intensive Erasmus Programme, and won a contribution to set up an International Design Workshop entitled “CCA - Compact City Architecture. Designing Centrality, Regenerating Suburbs” involving 30 students and 10 lecturers from 5 European universities (Parma, Prague, Istanbul, Hamburg, and Nantes), held in Parma from 19 September to 4 October 2013 (catalogue: FAEdizioni).
In 2013 the first VQR 2004-2010, (assessment of the quality of academic scientific research) assigned the highest rating at a national level to a research group from Architectural and Urban Composition department of the University of Parma, where he was a professor.
Participated in the PRIN with a proposed research project on “The demand for a sustainable city: looking for best practices”. Multidisciplinary inter-university research on Architecture, Urban Planning and Sociology involving the Universities of Bologna, Parma, Turin, Salerno, and Catania.
Invited to participate as part of the exhibition “Architecture of the World. Infrastructure, mobility, new landscapes” held at the Milan Triennale, at a conference on “research and projects from the university world” with a report entitled “Via Emilia Town. For centric linearity between the city and the countryside”.
2013-2017 - Position as pro-Rector for the Building, Infrastructure and Urban Settlements at the University of Parma where he developed and promoted the “MASTERCAMPUS Strategy” interdisciplinary applied research (also with funding from POR ERDF and the Ministry of the Environment) designed to regenerate and valorize the functionality and form of the university facilities in the city of Parma as part of a Europe-wide comparison (www.mastercampus.it). Among the most significant experimental projects: the photovoltaic square-garden, the food-science-sport trails, the new Engineering library, the new Economics classrooms, the Food Project Centre, the regional technopole, the Innovation Pole “Innohub”, the archive-museum-laboratory of the CSAC at the Abbey of Valserena, the student residences at the ex-convent of San Francesco, the new classroom complex for the Department of Medicine at Parma's main hospital – Ospedale Maggiore. “The Mastercampus project: a city-oriented University” in the Urban Landscape 1/2017.
A member of the board, and responsible for the “Architecture” section, of the Study Centre and Communication Archive (CSAC) of the University of Parma (www.csacparma.it).
2015 - 2016 - Appointed a member of the Committee of Ministers national scientific qualifications in the macro-sector 08D1 - Architectural and Urban Design.
Member of a group of experts of the Emilia Romagna Region commissioned by ASTER (Emilia Romagna Region) to draw up guidelines for urban regeneration as part of the output of the new town planning laws (inter-university group: Parma, Ferrara, Bologna, and Reggio-Modena).
Chief Science Officer for the International Workshop “Parma-Granada. City understood as a Campus / Ciudad comprendida como Campus”. Granada, 1-5 October 2015; Parma, 24-28 February 2016, organized by the University of Parma and the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura of the University of Granada as a part of bilateral Erasmus exchanges.
Chief Science Officer of the University of Parma design research “Expo after Expo” organized by the Polytechnic University of Milan.
2018 - A member of the National Committee to celebrate the birth of the architect Leonardo Ricci (MIBACT - Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism).

Since 1999 Several teaching posts as chair at the University of Parma including “Theories of contemporary architectural research, Theories of architectural design, Analysis of large complexes and infrastructure works, Analysis of urban morphology and construction typology, Typological characteristics of buildings”. Has over 65 and national and international scientific publications to his name (articles in magazines also of Class A, essays, and monographs) on architecture and cities especially in the Emilian context (CITTAEMILIA, Via Emilia), in European and international contexts (Festival dell’Architettura), and above all on the theme of the university settlement (MASTERCAMPUS). A member of several scientific committees of magazines, and director of the series “the Archè project” for Il Poligrafo publishers of Padua. The author of numerous projects (including the complex of new classrooms in Via Kennedy for the Department of Economics of the University of Parma) as part of MASTERCAMPUS and in general in the field of public spaces and buildings as components structuring urban development.

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