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born in Feltre (BL), 01/02/64
Department of Experimental Medicine
Section of Chemistry and Structural Biochemistry
Faculty of Medicine
University of Parma
Via Volturno, 39 - 43100 Parma
telefono: +39 0521 903826 fax: +39 0521 903802
e-mail: elena.ferrari@unipr.it

Graduated with full marks and honours at the University of Parma in Biological Sciences
PhD in Biology and Molecular Pathology at the University of Parma
Post-doctorate in Biochemistry at the Dept. of Experimental Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Parma
Researcher at the Dept. of Experimental Medicine, Section of Chemistry and Structural Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Parma.

A) Conformational and funtional studies of the recombinant Major Urinary Protein (rMUP):
mutants expression and purification to study the molecular features of the specific binding capability;
functional investigations of mutant binding proteins by means of fluorescencent probes.
B) Study of the allergenic properties of rMUP protein:
realization of a monospecific ELISA essay indicated for monitonitoring the presence of mouse urinary proteins, powerful allergens for sensitized subjects; rMUP mutants conformational analysis by means of optical spectroscopy measurements with the aim of the determination of conformational epitopes.
C) Small toxins recombinant expression:
heterologous expression of the phytotoxic protein PcF from the pathogen Phytophthora cactorum in order to produce isotope 15N-enriched sample for NMR structure determination; recombinant expression, purification and characterization of a scorpion toxin active on Kv1.3 ionic channel.
D) Application of proteomics techniques and computational biology instruments, with the aim of combining functional information with structural data.

“Biochemistry” for the Basic Science Course, Degree in Prevention Tecnician
“Reactions and equilibrium, solutions and pH; structure and reactivty of biological molecules”, for the Biochemistry and principles of Chemistry Course, Degree in Physical Excercise and Sport Sciences;
“Introduction to the study of biomolecules” for the Chemistry and Propedeutical Biochemistry Course, Specialistic Degree of Medicine and Sugery;
“Recombinant DNA technology”, for the Molecular Biology, Propedeutical Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry Course, first Degree of Biomedical Laboratory Technicians.
“Introduction to the study of biomolecules”, for the Chemistry Course, Specialistic Degree of Odontoiatry and Dental Prosthesis.

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