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Born in Pesaro (Italy) on Genuary, 9, 1960. Married and father of three sons.

Present job address
University of Parma (Italy), Department of Industrial Engineering, Parco Area delle Scienze 181/A, Parma (Italy); tel. ++39.521.905706; fax ++39.521.905705; e-mail; davide.barbanti@unipr.it


1979 – Master degree at Scientific High School in Pesaro.
1984 - Graduated at the University of Bologna (Faculty of Agriculture) with an experimental thesis in food technology on browning reactions in fruits and vegetables.
1986 – 87 – Research contract on “Technology and quality control of frozen vegetables”.
1989 – 90 – Teaching contract at the Food Science and Technology Faculty in Udine (Italy) on “Food Industries”.
1990 – Food Chemistry and Technology specialist degree at the University of Bologna (Faculty of Industrial Chemistry).
1991 – Visiting professor at the University of Santa Fè (Argentina).
1992-94 – Teaching contract at the University of Ancona (Faculty of Agriculture).
1995 – Researcher in Food Technology at the University of Ancona (Faculty of Agriculture).
1996 – Winner of a grant from Spanish Foundation of Nutrition (Madrid, Spain).
1997 up to now – Expert member in food technology at the IMC (Mediterranean Certification Insitute) for the certification of organic products on the base of 2092/91 EU law.
1998 –1999 – Teacher of Food Processing at the University of Ancona (Faculty of Agriculture).
2000 – Winner of annual grant of the Faculty of Agriculture based on the best researches carried on in the last two years.
2002 up to now – Associate Professor of Food Processing (Faculty of Agriculture) at the University of Parma.

The research activity of Davide Barbanti in the field of the Food Science and Technology led to about 80 scientific research papers, published in international refereed journals and national journals; the teaching activity is documented by about 30 experimental thesis done by students under his direct supervision and management. At the same time, Davide Barbanti coordinated several research contracts with public and private companies for the optimization and the development of new technologies and foods.

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