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Ilaria De Munari received the Electronic Engineering degree from the University of Parma, Italy in 1991. She got the Ph.D. degree in Information Technologies in 1995. From 1997 to 2004, she was with the Dept. of Information Engineering of the University of Parma as Research Assistant. From 2004, she is with Faculty of Engineering at the same University as Associate Professor of Electronic. Her actual teaching commitments include the courses of “Architecture of Digital Systems", "Electronic Systems" and "Elements and Laboratory of Digital Electronic”.
Her area of interest was initially the reliability of semiconductor devices with particular attention to the metal line interconnection degradation mechanisms, cooperating to several national and international projects. In this field, she developed new reliability measurement techniques as well as physical models of degradation phenomena for electron devices. Later, she worked on modelling of ultra-thin and permeable gate MOS devices and on circuit level simulations, studying the impact of these devices on the performances of digital and analog integrated circuits. In this framework, she collaborated in developing a mixed-mode simulation technique able to combine pure physical and circuit models. She participated to the COFIN 2000 project "Design and test of integrated circuits based on permeable-gate MOS devices" locally coordinated by Prof. P. Ciampolini, where his unit was in charge of designing digital and analog IC's in advanced CMOS technology, and she locally coordinated the COFIN 2006 on design and simulation of circuits and systems in emerging CMOS technologies. Her research interests included the design of low-power digital integrated circuits and power-aware applications. As scientific coordinator of Parma Unit, she was involved in the design of "Radio Identification UHF systems for food traceability" in the framework of the Italian Regional Project PRRIITT and with the network lab SITEIA (Safety, Technologies and Innovation for the Agro-food sector). In this field, she collaborated to design a standard-cell library, devoted to power-limited circuitry, and to the definition of system level methodologies for power-aware digital integrated circuits.
Since a few years ago, she has been involved in several activities related to assistive technologies at Parma University, managing some projects in this field. In particular, she actively participated to an agreement among Parma University, Provincia di Parma, AUSL Parma and some municipalities in the Parma region, aimed at the implementation of "A nostra ca'" (i.e., "At our home") project, co-funded by Regione Emilia Romagna and aimed at the exploitation of ICT technologies to foster elderly "ageing at home".
Actually she is participating to the FOOD (Framework for Optimizing the prOcess of FeeDing) project funded in the framework of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme in collaboration with other european partners. FOOD aims at preserving and enhancing independence of elderly people in all aspects of daily life (addressing activities at home, security, health care control), to guarantee them the possibility of taking active part in the “self-serve” society .
Recently, she was among the founders of the Collaboration Center on Assistve Tecnologies (Centro TAU) at Parma University, which involves several departments.

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