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Dr. Cristina Bacci graduated in Biological Sciences at the University of Parma; Research grant and Subject expert;
PhD in “National and European legislation on food production and control”;
Researcher in “Food Hygiene”, from 2005;
Qualified to hold the role of associate professor, SSD 07/H2, in 2016.
Associate Professor of Food Hygiene, from 2019.

Research activity – her scientific activities are mostly oriented towards food microbiology, focusing of food safety and more specifically on the following aspects:
 Food-borne pathogens (bacteria and parasite): features of antibiotic resistance, factors of virulence and ability to produce biofilm;
 Control supply chain: epidemiology;
 Study and application of analytical methods for assessment of food safety;
 Food animal origin: test of shelf-life, systems packaging and disinfection processes of surfaces in contact with food;
 Bacteriostatic/bactericidal effects of synthetic products on bacteria.

Scientific manager of the research projects
 “Monitoring of the spread of antibiotic-resistant Escherichia coli: from the swine supply chain to the surrounding area”– (Emilia Romagna Region, Reggio Emilia and Modena AUSL, 2019-2021);
 “Monitoring of the spread of Escherichia coli ESBL and AMPC in the swine supply chain and derived products valorization” (2019-21) and “Evaluation of the diffusion of antibiotic-resistant strains in the typical productions of the Parma territory and correlation with human isolates" (2016-17) - (Contribution of the Cassa di Risparmio di Parma Foundation).

Member of the scientific staff of the project
 “Development of innovative integrated technological systems for the unpacking, the organization of stocks and the tracking of wasted food products aimed at their valorization, SORT” - (Project funded by MIUR, 2013-18)

Scientific manager/Member scientific staff of
Research Projects of National Interest PRIN
 “Listeria monocytogenes in deli RTE products: characterization of the pathogen, growth potential in the substrate and possible solutions for safety and fast detection”, 2017;
 “Extended-Spectrum ß-Lactamase and AmpC producing Escherichia coli isolated from food, swine and poultry: prevalence, characterization of antimicrobial resistance and genes correlated, virulence factors, phylogenetic grouping and genotyping of the isolates”, 2015;
 “Inhibition of multidrug-resistance efflux pumps as a new strategy for controlling ticks and diseases they transmit”, 2010-11;
 "Ice fish (Protosalanx spp. and Neosalanx spp.) and valuable fish species (Sardina pilchardus and Aphia minuta): microbiological evaluation with methods conventional and molecular biology for the health quality and for consumer protection", 2007-09;
 “Health hazards of fresh and processed poultry and consumer protection", 2004-05

Scientific research projects of the Parma University FIL
 "Epidemiological investigation related to Yersinia enterocolitica in pigs slaughtered and study of the pathogenic characteristics of microorganisms", 2007;
 “Evaluation of the shelf-life of food stored with the combined technology of the vacuum and refrigeration", 2006;
 "Development of conventional and molecular microbiological methods for the isolation of spoilage microorganisms and pathogens, from frozen food products", 2005;
 "Microbial spoilage in seasoned cheeses (Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano): characterization of the responsible microflora", 2003-04;
 "Characterization of microbial flora in dairy handicraft production for the safety and quality” and “Presence of tyramine in cheese partially cooked and evaluation of tiraminogena activity in lactic acid bacteria present", 2002;

Teaching activity
 Degree courses of Veterinary Medicine, Livestock science and animal production technologies; Environment and workplace prevention techniques; Innovative and sustainable livestock production; Mechanical engineering for food industry; Food technology, Gastronomic sciences.
 Master's Degree in "Technologies for the safety and quality of food"
 Specialization School in “Swine pathology” and in “Inspection of food of animal origin”.

Other activities
 Member of the Academic Board of the PhD in “National and European legislation on food production and control”, 2007-10 and “Veterinary science”, 2011-22 where she carries out also activities of secretarial;
 Quality Manager (Ente ACCREDIA) at the Section of Food Inspection of the Department of Veterinary science, 2007-11;
 Coordinator the orientation activities at Agrarian Faculty;
 Reference professor for students with DSA at the Department of Veterinary Science, from 2013 to today;
 Member of the Welfare Committee of the Parma University, 2018-20;
 Participant at certification course (Certiquality) and gets the Auditor certificate;
 Inventor of the patent entitled "Edible film and its uses", 2020;
 President-vicar of the course degree in Veterinary Science, 2021;
 Participant in training and refresher professional courses and National Conferences as speaker;
 Member of the Editorial Board of the Italian Journal of Food Safety;
 Peer review for international journals and referee for ministerial projects.

 Author of articles published in both national and international journals and in workshops proceedings.
 According to data obtained from SCOPUS (“author search”), Dr. Bacci currently possesses the following bibliometric indicators: N° of indexed publications in the last 5 years: 12, of these 4 placed in magazines Q1; N° of indexed publications in the last 10 years: 30, of these 13 placed in magazines Q1.

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