ZANARDI Emanuela

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Graduated in Chemistry at the University of Parma (Italy), she got her PhD in Chemistry, Technology, and Hygiene of Food (University of Turin, Italy). Assistant professor at the University of Parma, since 2014 is an associate professor of Inspection of Food of Animal Origin.

Visiting scientist at University College Cork (Ireland) and National Veterinary and Food Research Institute (Finland), she has matured a specific experience in the study of lipolysis and lipid oxidation in meat and meat-based products. She has been the principal investigator of the research project funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, Research and University (PRIN2008) aimed at developing new analytical methods for the detection of irradiation treatment in meat, and of several research programs of the University of Parma. She has participated in several European research programmes (FP7, H2020) and national research projects funded by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Politics, the Ministry of Health, and the Emilia-Romagna region.

Her research activity is focused on food safety and authenticity. Her main interests include 1) the development of analytical tools for authentication and traceability of food based on spectroscopic methods (NIR and NMR) and the inorganic multi-elemental analysis coupled to chemometrics and machine learning techniques. In this context, she has developed several applications to discriminate geographical origin and farming systems of fish and seafood. ii) the application of untargeted metabolomics approach for the authentication of antibiotic-free pig chain and pig welfare. iii) the assessment of dietary exposure to food chemical contaminants by probabilistic methods.       

She is a scientific reviewer for several international journals, referee of research projects at national and international level, and member of the Editorial Board of the Open Food Science Journal, the Italian Journal of Food Safety, and Molecules. 

She has been teaching in several courses at the University of Parma, masters, and schools within the food safety area in different Italian universities and the Erasmus teacher mobility programs. She has been part of several Commissions for the evaluation of European Doctorate theses.

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Food authenticity; food safety; targeted and untargeted analysis; metabolomics and foodomics; assessment of dietary exposure to food chemical contaminants




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Teacher's office at the Department of Veterinary Science, Strada del Taglio 10, 43126 Parma.