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Professional Profile

2011- Full Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology at the Department of Food and Drugs, University of Parma, Italy.

2010- Founder and Director, since its foundation, of the Interdepartmental Centre for Innovation in Health Products, Biopharmanet-Tec, University of Parma, Italy.

2017- President of the Master course in “Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Strategies in Medicinal Products Development”, University of Parma.

2013- Founder of PumeStars srl an innovative start-up start-up company developing innovative medicines for inhalation.

2015- Faculty representative in the European University Consortium for Pharmaceutical Sciences (ULLA).

2016- Founder of M3datek srl a spin-off of the University of Parma devoted to the development and commercialization of 3D printed medicinal products and medical devices for local drug delivery and regenerative medicine.


Positions held

-2003-2017 President of the Master Course in “Pharmaceutical Technology and Regulatory Affairs”, University of Parma.

-2015-2016 Coordinator of the Doctorate course in “Biopharmaceutics-Pharmacokinetics”, University of Parma.

- 2012-2014 Director of the Italian inter-university Consortium Tefarco Innova;

- 2009-2011 Member of the Council of the University of Parma.

- 2008-2012 Deputy Director of the Italian inter-university Consortium Tefarco Innova;

-2007-2015 Member of the Committee for Training and Education (CTE) of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS).

- 2002- 2011 Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Parma, Italy.

- 1997- 2002 Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Parma, Italy.

- 1994-1997 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Pharmacy University of Parma, Parma Italy.

- 1993-1994 invited Visiting Scholar, School of Chemical Engineering of the Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA.

- 1990 Visiting Student, Laboratoire de Pharmacie Galénique et Biopharmacie, University of Lille, France.



1994          Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, University of Pavia, Italy

                  THESIS: Hydrophilic, swelling controlled drug delivery systems: relation between swelling rate and drug release kinetics.

1991          M.S. in Pharmacy (Hons.), University of Parma, Italy.

                  THESIS: Permeation of the piroxicam/beta-cyclodextrin inclusion compound through artificial membranes.


Scientific production

134 papers published on international peer reviewed journals;

20 patents (16 granted, 4 pending applications);

7 book chapters;

74 invited lectures;

more than 200 conference proceedings.


Research metrics

Scopus Author ID:  7101984571

Source Scopus

H Index: 33; Total citations: 3820.

Source Google Scholar

H Index 41; Total citations 5604.



- 1999 J. Heller Journal of Controlled Release outstanding paper Award, Controlled Release Society, USA;

- First Eurand Award 2000. The Prize for Outstanding Research in Emerging Fields of Oral Drug Delivery, Controlled Release Society, USA;

- 2014 Listed in “Who is Who in Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry”, Akadémial Kiado, Hungary;

- 2016 AAPS Fellow, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, USA.

- 2019 AIMBE Fellow, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, USA.



- 1990 European Erasmus Scholarship;

-  1991 Research Scholarship, University of Parma;

- 1995 The Nagai Foundation Tokyo (Japan) Scholarship;

- 1997 First Italian School on Supercritical Fluids Scholarship.


Editorial Activities

Guest editor of the Special Issue of International Journal of Pharmaceutics 324 (2006).


Associated Editor



Member of the Editorial Board of:

- International Journal of Pharmaceutics;

- Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology;

- Drug Delivery and Translational Research;

- The Journal of Validation Technology (2010-2013).


Reviewer activities

Currently R. Bettini serves as reviewer on regular bases for:

  • Pharmaceutical Research;
  • AAPS Journal;
  • AAPS PharmSciTech;
  • Journal of Controlled Release;
  • European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences;
  • Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences;
  • International Journal of Pharmaceutics;
  • Biomaterials;
  • AIChE Journal;
  • Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery;
  • Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry;
  • Pharmaceutical Development and Technology;
  • European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences;
  • European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics;
  • Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy;
  • Journal of Supercritical Fluids;
  • Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology;
  • Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis;
  • Pharmaceutical Development and Regulatory;
  • Journal of Microencapsulation.



•                American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS);

•                Association de Pharmacie Galénique Industrielle (APGI);

•                Controlled Release Society (CRS);

•                Italian Association of Thermal Analysis (AICAT);

•                Italian Chemical Society (Pharmaceutical Technology Division);

•                International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE).

Monday and Wednesday from 10 to 12 upon appointment by e.mail

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Other appointments

Director Interdepartmental Centre for Innovation in Health Products, Biopharmanet-Tec 2019-2024

Lines of research

Solid dosage forms for controlled and site-specific drug delivery, and solid-state chemistry for improving biopharmaceutical properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients: • Nasal and pulmonary administration of powders; • Particle engineering by spray drying and supercritical fluid technologies; • Nano-sized systems for oral drug delivery; • Solid-state chemistry of drugs; • Natural polymers for regenerative medicine applications; • Technological aspects of the pharmaceutical production.





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Campus Scienze e Tecnologie - Padiglione 08 - Plesso di Farmacia
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