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Associated Professor
Università degli Studi di PARMA

Paola Iacumin was born in Palmanova (UD) on April 23 1964.
in 1988 degree, cum laude, in Geological Sciences at the University of Trieste;
in 1989 recipient of the Prof. Zucchi and Stolfa award in geochemistry;
since 1992 patent holder with Mr. Quercioli of a new technique of quantitative separation of quartz from feldspars (patent n. FI/92/A/86);
in 1996 PhD in Earth Sciences at the University P. et M. Curie in Paris with a thesis titled “Abondance isotopique (13C, 15N, 18O) de mammifères fossiles : implication pour les régimes alimentaires et les environnements dans la zone méditerranéenne et nilotique depuis 650 000 ans”;
in 1996 European PhD, the thesis was discussed in presence of a commission of French, English, Suisse and Italian scientists;
in 1996 recipient of the Minguzzi award in geochemistry;
in 1997, CNR grant at the Research Laboratory for Archaeological Science of Oxford
since 2000 researcher at the University of Parma, Department of Earth Science;
since 2002 Associate Professor of Geochemistry at the University of Parma, Department of Earth Science.
since 2007 patent holder with Dr. Boschetti T. for a “Reactor device for isotope analyses”. European patent n. 07425511.8 2204. University of Parma.
She has about 20 years of experience in the field of isotope geochemistry: Co-author of more than 90 papers 80% of which in international journals.
Her main scientific research refers to different applications of the methods and concepts of stable isotope geochemistry and, in particular, their applications to palaeoclimatology and palaeoenvironmental studies.

Completion accademic year: 2020/2021

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