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NAME Fausto Quintavalla
DATE OF BIRTH November 11, 1955
PLACE OF BIRTH Sorbolo (Parma), Italy
CIVIL STATUS Male, married

BUSINESS ADDRESS prof. Fausto Quintavalla
Sez. Clinica Medica Veterinaria
Dipartimento Salute Animale
Università degli Studi di Parma
via del Taglio 8
43100 Parma - Italy
phone: ++39 (0)521 032691
++39 (0)521 032688 (direct line)
fax: ++39 (0)521 032692


· November 1975 - October 1980:
Registered for Degree in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Parma in the
academic year 1975-’76 and graduated as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine on 29
October 1980.

· June 1978 - October 1980:
He frequented the Institute of Clinical Veterinary Medicine as an intern student

· November 1980:
He was admitted to the Profession of Veterinarian (Esame di Stato)

· June 1983 - June 1986:
He was granted the position of University Researcher and began this service in June
1983 at the Institute of Clinical Veterinary Medicine of the University of Parma. In
June 1986 he was apointed in a permanent position as Researcher.

· November 1991 - 2000:
On 01 November 1991, he got the chair of Associate Professor in the discipline
of Veterinary Therapeutics at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University
of Parma.

· February 2001- present:
He is Professor in Internal Medicine at the Faculty of
Veterinary Medicine of the University of Parma, where he still works today.

· November 1980 - present:
From November 1980 till present occupying a position as staff member of the
Sez. Clinica Medica Veterinaria, Dipartment of Animal Health, Faculty of
Veterinary Medicine, University of Parma, Italy

· Activities: clinical work (internal medicine), teaching (veterinary students, interns
and post-graduates) and research with special emphasis on clinical pharmacology.
Currently working on a PhD-research project in “Farmacologia e tossicologia
sperimentali” with the Dipartment of Internal Medicine and Medical Therapy of
Faculty of Medicina and Chirurgia of University of Pavia (Italy) and the Institute
of Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy of Faculty of Pharmacy , Parma University

· 01 June - 31 July 1981:
Work experience in the Clinique Vétérinaire Dott. Auer at Mulhouse (France)

· 09 April 1988 - 17 April 1988:
Postgraduate training at the Klinik für Pferde of Tierärztlichen Hochschule of
Hannover (Germany)

· Academic year 1991-’92 and 1992-‘93:
Since the academic year 1991-’92, he is Professor of Veterinary Chemotherapy

· Academic year 1993-’94, 1994-’95, 1995-’96, 1996-’97 and 1997-‘98:
Since the academic year 1993-’94, he has held the Chair in Pathology of
Companion Animals.

· Academic year 1998-’99:
He helds the Chair in Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics

· Academic year 1992-’93 - present:
He is lectures in the School of Specialization in "Veterinary Public Health" on
Veterinary Urban Hygiene and in the School of Specialization in "Swine
Pathology" at the University of Parma on Antimicrobial Therapy.


· 1988-1993
Consultant of Ordine dei Medici Veterinari della provincia di Parma

· 6 July 1990
Honorary Member of the SCIVAC (Italian Cultural Society of Companion Animal

· January 1997-1999:
He was a Consultant of AIVPAFE (Italian Association of Veterinarians concerned
with Feline Pathology affiliated ESFM European Society Feline Medicine)

· In 1997:
Member of the Iams Company Award Committee 1997 with Prof. D. Bennett
(United Kingdom) and Prof. J.P. Cotard (France)

· October 1999-2005:
He was President of AIVPAFE

· October 2002:
Honorary Member of the AIVPA (Italian Cultural Society of Companion Animal

· In 2004 – present:
Director Library of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of
Parma, Italy

· October 2005 - present:
Vice-president of the AIVPA


Over 170 paper bear testimony to his scientific activity. Many of these papers are speeches delivered at National and International Scientific Congress.

Fausto Quintavalla participates in many editorial activities and he has transalted the 1° (1988), 2° (1994), 3° (1999) and 4° (2006) editions of French text on canine and feline therapeutics: Moraillon R., Legeay Y., Fourrier P., Lapeire C. "Dictionnaire pratique de thérapeutique canine et féline" Masson - Paris, and in the 1997 the book: Case L.P., Carey D.P., Hirakawa D.A. "Canine and Feline Nutrition: a resource for companion animal professionals" Mosby St. Louis, Missouri.
He is the coauthor with Prof. G.C. Signorini of the text "Il Medicinale Veterinario: terapia e legislazione" edited by Monduzzi Editore (Bologna - Italy). He is the author of the text "Prontuario di Terapia degli Animali da Compagnia" edited in 2000 by Cristiano Giraldi Editore (Ozzano Emilia – Italy).

· In 2004 - present:
Member of Editorial Board of S.I.S.Vet. (Society for Veterinary Sciences)

· In 2005 - present:
Scientific Director of Rassegna di Medicina Felina, the official journal of AIVPAFE. Rassegna di Medicina Felina is published quarterly.

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