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Degree in Veterinary Medicine obtained on 09/23/1998 at the University of Parma. On 07/12/2001 he obtained the PhD in "Chemistry, Technology and Food Hygiene" at the University of Turin. He is licensed to practice the veterinary profession. He specializes in Animal Health, Breeding and Livestock Production.
The research activity of Dr. Ghidini takes place in the field of safety of food of origin. He also deals with the research of methods for product certification.
As regards chemical contaminants, the contamination of various food matrices by heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs, as well as veterinary drugs was studied.
From 01/04/2000 to 16/09/2000 he attended the chemical department of the National Institute for Veterinary Research (EELA) in Helsinki (Finland), collaborating in the research activity.
From 12 to 25 October 2003, Dr. Ghidini participated in the "Toxicological Risk Assessment" course, organized by Prof. J.H.M. Temmink at Wageningen University, funded by the European Union (European Commission Thematic Program 1 – Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources - Key Action 4 – Environment & Health QLAM 1999-30050 Toxicological Risk Assessment Courses).
In 2001 he was responsible for the research project for young researchers established by the University of Parma "Verification and standardization of methods for the determination of linear and hydroxylated aldehydes in fermented delicatessen products". He has been part of several national and local research projects in the VET/04 sector. He was part of the European research project “Assessmment and improvement of safety of traditional dry sausages from producers to consumers” (TRADISAUSAGE), proposal number QLK1CT-2002-02240. He was part of the research project of the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies "Influence of technological processes on the safety and qualitative characteristics of meat and meat-based products" (SIQUALTECA), directed by dr. Sergio Gigli. Component of the PRIN 2008 Project "Development and validation of analytical procedures for the detection of irradiation treatment in meat"; Component of the research project of the University of Bologna "Instruments for the authentication and certification of fish products from organic aquaculture" funded by the Ministry for Agricultural Policies; component of the European research project (7th FWP DRYCHECK). Component of the Ministerial research project of the Ministry of Health "Modernization of the Swine Inspection" (2012). Component of the Ministerial research project of the Ministry of Health "Monitoring of the Pig Production Chain and Reduction of Drug Consumption" (2016/2017). Local Coordinator of the European Research Project VIVALDI (Call H2020-SFS-2016-2017, Grant Agreement 773422 — VIVALDI — H2020-SFS-2016-2017/H2020-SFS-2017-1) Veterinary Validation of Point-of-Care Detection Instrument (2017/2022). Component of the COST action Risk-based meat inspection and integrated meat safety assurance – RIBMINS (COST Action CA18105). Holder of research agreements with the Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano and Esselunga. Component of the Erasmus + Project "Innovative digital tools applied to sustainable Meat Science and Technology Higher Education: a link between industry and academia", Project number 2022-1-ES01-KA220-HED-000087202, action KA2 Cooperation among organizations and institutions, round 1 2022. The cooperation proposal coordinated by Sergio Ghidini was selected by EFSA in the field “Supporting tasks in the area of Animal Welfare: GP/EFSA/ALPHA/2021/10-LOT 2 – Animal Welfare risk assessments & protection of animals during slaughter and on-farm killing".
On 19 January 2005 he was appointed university researcher in the disciplinary scientific sector VET/04 Inspection of Food of Animal Origin. Since 01/11/2015 he has been an associate professor in the same SSD at the University of Parma. In 2018 he obtained the national scientific qualification for the first band in the competition sector 07/H2.
In June 2010 he was included in the database of experts of the European Food Safety Authority.
He is a member of the editorial board of Animals and Frontiers magazines. You are a referee for many magazines. At the end of 2022 you had published 70 articles in international journals with 1700 citations and H-index 19. Evaluator of national and EU projects (ERC, Horizon 2020, COST). ANVUR product evaluator.
He has been teaching at the University of Parma in the VET 04 sector since 2005. He has been teaching at the food inspection specialization schools in Parma, Pisa, Naples, Teramo. He is a member of the teaching staff of the School of Specialization in Food Inspection of the University of Parma and of the doctorate in "Food Science" of Parma. He has supervised 40 specialist degree theses and tutored 5 doctoral students. He has served on doctoral evaluation committees on 7 occasions.
scientific supervisor for UNIPR of the e-learning course "Labelling Regulations and Sanctions System"
Organizer and teacher at the RIBMINS training school on future meat safety https://ribmins.com/training-school-on-future-meat-safety/
Member of the organizing committee of the AIVI 2021 conference
Organizer and scientific director of the international workshop New tools for handling animal health and food safety: the VIVALDI project.. Parma 23 January 2019
Lecturer at the 2021 Summer School on Food Sustainability of the School of Higher Studies in Food and Nutrition https://www.unipr.it/notizie/food-sustainability-aperte-le-iscrizioni-al...
2021 the PhD proposal "Integrated computational approaches to biomolecular technologies in the study of food-borne viral infections: virulence factors and identification of food constituents with potential antiviral activity" elaborated by Sergio Ghidini and Luca Dellafiora is the winner of a PhD scholarship within the FutureDataforEU Regional Call
Invited speaker: CEfood 2022. 11th Central European Congress on Food and Nutrition. Čatež ob Savi, SLOVENIA, 27th – 30th September 2022. NZVA and NZVNA conference, 18-20 November 2021, Auckland. SISVet 2022, AIVI 2022.
Best Poster Award Committee of the CEFood 2022 conference, 11th Central European Congress on Food and Nutrition. Čatež ob Savi, SLOVENIA, 27th – 30th September 2022
Elected offices: member of the area 07 commission as representative of the associate professors from June 2021 to now; food science department council as researchers' representative from 2011 to 2015); member of the AIVI scientific committee (since 2022).
Best poster award AIVI 2019, AIVI 2022, SISVet 2019, SISVet 2021. Paper https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acs.jafc.9b08180# selected as worthy by CRUI and funded to be published in Open Access.

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