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• Experiential Theory of Development
• Early Cognitive and Language Development
• Social-Cultural Development: The Mediated Mind
• Psychological and Social Origins of Concepts
• Development of Symbolic Processes

1998-2003 University of Padova (IT) - PhD course in Developmental Psychology
Tutor: prof. Beatrice Benelli
Topic: Interdependencies between language and thought in development, development of conceptual categories.

1995 University of Parma (IT) - Degree in Pedagogy (psychological curriculum)
Final mark 110/110 cum laude
Thesis title: “Programmazione e monitoraggio dell'intervento educativo in un caso di grave ritardo socioculturale” [Planning and monitoring of the educational intervention in a case of serious sociocultural delay].

2002 Graduate Center, The City University of New York- Faculty of Developmental Psychology, superior formation with supervision of prof. Katherine Nelson.

2001 University of Bari (IT) Summer School of Developmental Psychology, “Metodology to assess the attachment: The Strange Situation, the Adult Attachment Interview and the Attachment Story Completion Task” (Marinus van Ijzendoorn and Linda Cassibba).

2000 University of Bologna (IT) Summer School of Methodology in
Psychology, “Log-linear models and Spad-t”

2005-present University of Cagliari - Faculty of Sciences of the Formation. Titular of the courses of Elements of Developmental Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social-affective Developmental Psychology and Educational Psychology.

2005-present University of Parma – Faculty of Psychology. Substitute of the course of Psychology of Development of Language and Communication.

2000-2005 University of Bologna, Faculty of Sciences of the Education - Annual course in Observation of children behavior.

1997-1998 University of Parma, Faculty of Medicine - Annual course in Developmental and Educational Psychology for speech-therapist

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