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Graduated in Organic Chemistry (Laurea) at the University of Parma (1998), defending the thesis " Development and validation of SPE-LC-DAD and SPE-LC-ES-MS/MS methods for the identification and determination of xenobiotic substances in foods." (Advisor: Prof. Alessandro Mangia).

Ph.D. thesis “Development of mass spectrometry based methods in the food analysis field” (2001). Field: Analytical Chemistry (Supervisor: Prof. Alessandro Mangia).

University activity
Academic researcher in Analytical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Parma (2001-2015).
Associate Professor in Analytical Chemistry (2015- to date).

Member of the National Committee for University Evaluation Council for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Commission Guidance (University of Parma) for activities in the field of Scientific Projects coordination of events related to the spread of chemical culture.
Member of the Board of the PhD program in Biopharmaceutics-Pharmacokinetics (University of Parma) and the Executive Committee of the Master's Degree "Pharmaceutical technology and regulatory activities"
Member Biopharmaet-TEC network Technology Parks of Emilia-Romagna involved in industrial research projects for technology transfer with companies in the country and internationally.
MIUR Referee for national projects.

Supervisor and coordinator of technicians, post-doc, PhD and ungraduate students in the analytical chemistry laboratory and Erasmus students.
Member of the Italian Society of Chemistry, the HUPO and the AAPS.
Organizer member of Congress, Symposium and training school.

Research topics
1. Development and validation of LC-MS/MS methods for the analysis of small molecules in the food, clinical and environmental field. (Principal Investigator)
2. Development and validation of LC-MS/MS methods for the analysis of proteins in the food and clinical field. (P.I.)
3. Development and validation of immunoassay methods by SEC-ICP-MS, ELISA-UV-Vis, ELISA-ICP-MS, amperometric biosensors (P.I).
4. Evaluation of FTIR, DESI-MS, Dissolution test for evaluation of drug controlled release.
5. Development and application of 3D printed chitosan-based scaffold for tissue engeneering and drug controlled release. (P.I.)

Research output:
- 75 publications on international peer-review journals
- 140 comunications at national and international congress
Citations (google scholar): 2204
H-index: 26
i-10 index: 47

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