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The scientific interest of Lorenzo Toscani has been recently addressed to geochemical processes occurring both at low and high temperature. The approach is based on general geochemistry, isotope geochemistry and chemical thermodynamic. The research concern (i) the geochemical features of surface, ground waters (Boschetti e Toscani 2008, Chemical Geology vol. 257, pp. 76-91) and deep saline waters (Toscani, et al 2007, GEOCHEMISTRY: EXPLORATION, ENVIRONMENT, ANALYSIS. vol. 7, pp. 23-40) in relation to the composition of meteoric waters and to water-rock interaction processes (Venturelli et al., 2000: Annali di Chimica. vol. 90 pp. 359-368; Toscani e Venturelli, 2001; Toscani et al., 2001); (ii) the surface alteration processes of rocks and soils and the mobility of the chemical elements (Salvioli Mariani el al., 2001: Mineralogical Magazine. vol. 65 pp. 637-645); (iii) the genesis of potassic magmas (Salvioli Mariani et al., 2004, . Mineralogical Magazine, 68(1), 83-100), included the genesis and mobility of gold and platinum-group elements (Toscani, 1999: Mineralogical Magazine, 63(4), 595-602) and the interaction of basic magmas with the continental crust (Salvioli Mariani et al., 2005, Lithos, 81, 255-277).

Completion accademic year: 2020/2021

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