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Personal information

Curatolo Salvatore

Nationality: Italian

Born: August, 8 1964 in Florence (Italy)

Gender: M

Present professional position

Tenured University researcher in applied economics at the University of Parma (Italy), Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics.

Education and training

December 1992 – Degree in Economics and Commerce, University of Modena (Italy);

1993-1994 – Teaching Assistant (course: Political Economy I, Prof. Graziella Bertocchi) University of Modena;

1995 – Summer School in Econometrics at Bertinoro (Forlì, Italy) on macro-models techniques [courses: C. Almon, G. Giovannini (ISTAT), L. Ermini];

1996 - M.Sc. in Economics at the University of Ancona, Italy;

1998 – Doctoral degree in Political Economy at the University of Ancona.

1998-1999 – Teaching assistant (courses: Political Economy I, Prof. Tito Pietra and Economics Elements, Dott. Paola Bertolini and Dott. Enrico Giovannetti) at the University of Modena;

1999-2000 – Professor of International Economics (one year contract) at the University of Modena (University degree in International trade);

2000–2002 – Research Grant in Political Economy, University of Parma.

Since 2002 – Tenured Researcher in Applied Economics (SECS-P06) Department of Economics, University of Parma. Courses: Macroeconomics and Industrial Economics.

Personal Skills and competences

Experienced in labour market econometrics, Industry analisys, Institutions and public good provision, Economics of Education, Agent-based models design (SWARM platform).

Mother tongue: Italian

Other languages self assessment: English, Good understanding, speaking and writing.

Other relevant skills and competences

1995 - 1999 – member of the Modena team (director: Prof. Mario Biagioli) of European Network Research Project “IPSE project: The Impact of Profit Sharing in Europe" funded by “Human Capital and Mobility Programme” (contract CHRX-CT94-0539 of European Commission). The network includes teams from Bradford (UK), LSE (UK), Paris X (France), Hannover (Germany) and Brescia (Italy);

1997-1998 – member of the research project “Osservatorio Nazionale del Settore Tessile, Abbigliamento e Calzature”, funded by The European Commission (scientific director Prof. Sebastiano Brusco);

1998 – works in the project: “Analysis of Wage Differentials between and within EU Countries through the European Community Household Panel (ECHP) and the Structure of Earnings Survey (SES)”, DG V of The European Commission (director : Ruth Paserman);

2002 - 2005 - Membro of the Parma Unit of national COFIN project (Scientific director: Prof. D.A. Lane): "Genesi e sviluppo di istituzioni intermedie nel distretto industriale";

since 1999 – Co-authors the Annual Report “Economia e lavoro in Emilia-Romagna", Regione Emilia-Romagna;

since 2006 – Member (Co-author) in the research project “Social Vulnerability in Europe” (Director: C. Ranci, Politecnico di Milano). The project gave birth to the book: C. Ranci (ed.), “Social Vulnerability in Europe. The new configuration of social risks in Western European countries”, Palgrave – MacMillan (forthcoming).

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Since January 11 2022  the office hours will turn to Tuesday 02:00 P.M. to 06:00 P.M.

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