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Marco IEVA

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ORCID id: 0000-0002-4506-5639

Nationality: Italian

Google scholar profile: 



  • Assistant Professor in Marketing - Department of Economics and Management - University of Parma (Italy)

November 2019 to present: 3-years contract with tenure track.

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Marketing - Department of Economics and Management - University of Parma (Italy)

August 2016 to November 2019. Research project: “The role of different media in retail marketing promotion”.

  • Visiting scholar and student at the M.Sc. in Marketing Analysis - Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Ghent (Belgium)

September 2013 to July 2014. Main topics: Analytical CRM, Marketing Information Systems - Database Marketing, Marketing Models and Marketing Engineering, Advanced Methods of Market Research II, Advanced Topics in Marketing, Strategic Brand Communications.

  • PhD in Economics and Social Sciences - Department of Economics and Management - University of Parma (Italy).

2013 to 2016. Doctoral Thesis: “Customer response to media in marketing promotion: print versus online”. Supervisors: Prof. Cristina Ziliani and Prof. Mario Menegatti. Doctoral Thesis Committee evaluation: Excellent.



During my eight years of academic activity my research activity has led to almost 40 publications, including 14 journal articles (in international and national journals) and 1 book published with Routledge.

My main research interests are as follows: retailing and multi-/omni-channel retailing, media effectiveness, customer experience touchpoints, customer segmentation and marketing innovation. In terms of methodologies, I have devoted specific attention to learn and apply statistical techniques for causal inference, partial least squares and latent class analysis for segmentation purposes.


Top three publications:

  • D'Attoma, I., & Ieva, M. (2020). Determinants of technological innovation success and failure: Does marketing innovation matter?. Industrial Marketing Management, 91, 64-81.
  • Ieva, M., Ziliani, C., Gázquez-Abad, J. C., & D'attoma, I. (2018). Online versus offline promotional communication: evaluating the effect of medium on customer response. Journal of Advertising Research, 58(3), 338-348.
  • Ieva, M., & Ziliani, C. (2018). Mapping touchpoint exposure in retailing. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management. 46 (3), 304-322.

For a full list of publications and related impact: 


•       Best paper award in 2018 within the Italian academic journal MICRO & MACRO MARKETING for the following paper: ZILIANI, C., & IEVA, M. (2018). “The role of touchpoints in driving loyalty. Implications for omnichannel retailing.” MICRO & MACRO MARKETING, 27(3), 375-396. DOI: 10.1431/91412. Academic journal ranked  as “Scientific” according to the latest Italian ASN journal ranking and as “D” according to the latest Italian GEV ranking.

  • Best Conference Paper at the XX Edition of the Excellence in Services International Conference - 2017, 7th-8th   September at University of Verona, out of about 100 papers presented.

•       Best Conference Paper at the XIV Annual Conference of the Italian Marketing Association, 2017, “Il Marketing di successo. Imprese, enti e persone”, 26-27 October at University of Bergamo, out of about 90 papers presented at the conference.

•       National Award for Doctoral Dissertation, selected as finalist from Italy for the Best Thesis Award 2017 Competition held by the International Marketing Trends Conference 2017 in Madrid.

•       Winner, as a team member, of funding support for the project “Implications of digitalization and omnichannel management for the shopping processes and store formats”, reference number ECO2017-83051-R, within the 2017 Spanish Competition “Programa Estatal de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación Orientada a los Retos de la Sociedad (2013-2016)” held by the Ministry of Economics, Manufacturing and Competitiveness, Spain. 



  • Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing (I.F. 2.54)
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Frontiers in Psychology (I.F. 2.067) as “Review Editor”.
  • Reviewer for the following academic journals: Journal of Business Research, Psychology and Marketing, Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, Journal of Advertising Research, Electronic Commerce Research, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, Frontiers in Psychology, International Journal of Consumer Studies, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, International Journal of Production Research, Heliyon, Italian Journal of Marketing and Sustainability.
  • Reviewer for the following academic conferences: Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Conference, European Academy of Marketing Conference (EMAC), Regional European Academy of Marketing Conference (Regional EMAC), European Academy of Management (EURAM), Colloquium on European Research on Retailing (CERR), European Association for Education and Research in Commercial Distribution (EAERCD), International Conference on National Brand & Private Label Marketing (NBPL) and Society for Marketing Advances Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition 2017.
  • External reviewer of the PhD Thesis of two PhD candidates at University of Barcellona and at University of Salamanca.


  • Member of the following academic societies: Academy of Marketing Science, INFORMS Society for Marketing Science, Colloquium on European Research on Retailing (CERR), European Association for Education and Research in Commercial Distribution (EAERCD), Italian Academy of Marketing.



Courses at the Bachelor, Master of Science and MBA level: CRM and Customer Analytics, Digital and Social Media Marketing, Services Marketing, Digital and Analytics Lab. Teaching has been performed at the following universities: University of Parma (Italy), CUOA Business School (Italy), University of Valencia (Spain), Technological University Dublin (Ireland), University of Almerìa (Spain).


Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Credential ID: 25749705, released from Google Analytics in January 2019.

Google Ads Fundamentals, Credential ID: 25746522, released from Google Academy for Ads in December 2018.

Social Media Certification, Credential ID: 5229042, released from Hubspot Academy in December 2018.


I authorise the processing of my personal data for personnel research and selection purposes under the GDPR 2016/679.

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Polo Kennedy - Plesso Centrale di Economia
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