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Born in Parma (1986), graduated cum laude in mechanical engineering from the University of Parma (2011). Ph.D. in industrial engineering (2015), and then postdoctoral fellow (2015) in Technical Physics at the Department of Engineering and Architecture, University of Parma. He currently holds the position of RTDA Researcher (art. 24 c.3-a L. 240/10) - SC 09/C2 - SSD ING-IND/10, at the Department of Engineering and Architecture, University of Parma.

He obtained in 2018 the national scientific qualification for Professor of II fascia (2018) in Applied Physics (Sector 09/C2).

His research activity, both theoretical and experimental, focuses on convective heat transfer enhancement techniques mainly applied to the optimization of heat exchangers for the food industry. At the same time, his research activity has also been focused on the study, application and development of techniques for solving inverse heat conduction problems. Also active in the development of mathematical methods applied to the estimation of the local convective heat transfer coefficient.

He has taken part in collaborative projects involving the Technical Physics area of the University of Parma and other leading international research laboratories (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Université de Lorraine & CNRS, Universidade de Lisboa, University of Brighton, Technical University of Denmark, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). He has spent periods abroad as an Invited Research Fellow (at LEMTA (Laboratoire d'Energétique et de Mécanique théorique et Appliquée, Université de Lorraine), at the Departamento de Matemática & CEMAT, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa and at the School of Computing, Eng. And Mathematics, University of Brighton, Brighton, UK). He has authored and/or co-authored 56 scientific publications and is a reviewer for several international scientific journals.


Monday 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. upon request by email

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Research activities mainly concern: Heat exchanger design and optimization - Active and passive techniques of convective heat transfer enhancement with special attention to food industry issues; - Effect of wall corrugation; - Effect of adopting curved wall ducts; - Thermofluidodynamic behavior of fluids with complex rheology; - Thermofluidodynamic behavior of food fluids; - Computational thermofluid dynamics; Advanced experimental methodologies aimed at estimating parameters of engineering interest - Rheological and thermal properties of fluids and solids; - Friction factor and convective heat transfer coefficient (single-phase and two-phase); Techniques for solving inverse heat conduction problems-Filtering techniques (Gauss Filter, Wiener Filter); - Advanced signal processing techniques including thermographic techniques; - Regularization techniques (Tichonov, Truncated and Gaussian Filtered Singular Value Decomposition); - Techniques for solving conduction problems (Quadrupole Method); - Parameter estimation methods;




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Department of Engineering and Architecture, University of Parma, 181/A Science Area Park, Parma, Italy

Building 7

Phone: 0521905858