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In 2009 Francesco Zammori received a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering (Faculty of Engineering, University of Pisa (Italy), defending a thesis entitled "Mathematical models for operations management"

In 2004 he graduated with distincion in Management Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pisa (Italy).


On May 2015 he became member of the Organizational Committee of the AIIE2015 and of the IESM2015 international conferences. He was also nominated chairman of the special session “Lean in MTO” of the IESM2015 conference;

On January 2014 he obtained the habilitation as Associate Professor in Industrial Engineering;

On January 2012 Francesco Zammori was nominated Editor in Chief (for the European Area) of the "Decision Science Letters, a Journal published by Growing Science;

On December 2011 Francesco Zammori obtained a position as Assistant Professor at the University of Parma, in the field of Management Engineering (ING-IND/35);

On March 2010 he obtained a six months grant as researcher in “Environmental Sustainability and Renewable Energies” at the University of Pisa;

In 2010 he was nominated member of the scientific committee of the MAS 2010 international conference;

On February 2009 he obtained a one year grant as a researcher in “Logistic Partnerships and Supply Chain Management”, at the University of Pisa;

From May to August 2009 he had been a visiting scholar at the University of Cranfield (UK), where he worked at the Applied Science Department together with Dr. B. Tjahjono on a project concerning the improvement and the automation of discrete event simulation environments;

From February to May 2008, he had been a visiting scholar at the University of Pittsburgh (PA), were he collaborated with Prof. T. Saaty on Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) topics;

In January 2006 he obtained a scholarship for a three years Doctoral course in Industrial Engineering (Curriculum: Logistics and management of industrial process) at the University of Pisa (Italy);

In January 2005 he obtained a one year grant as a researcher on “Logistic and Lean Production”, at the University of Pisa;

In 2004 he won a scholarship for a period of six months at the University of Swansea (UK) where he attended the following modules:
- Engineering Management;
- Modelling Manufacturing Systems;
- Entrepreneurship for Engineers;

He is also the official reviewer of several international journals in the field of operations management and project management.


From 2013 he teaches "Enterprise Resource Management ERP" and "Informatics Lab for Engineers" at the University of Parma

In 2013 and 2014 he taught "Management Account" at the University of Parma

From 2012 he is teaching assistant of Prof. A. Petroni at the university of Parma, where he is giving lectures on Management Accounting and Project Management.

From 2006 - 2011 he was teaching assistant of Prof. M. Braglia, Prof. M. Pratali and Prof. R. Mirandola at the University of Pisa, where he gave lectures on:
- Production Management;
- Mechanical Industrial Plants;
- Development of innovative products;
- Quality Management;
- Life Cycle Assessment;
- Management Accounting

From 2005 from 2005 he had also taught the following subjects in several master and/or technical courses for graduated and undergraduate students:
- Project Management;
- Lean Production;
- Time study and Work Measurement;


He participated to many industrial/research projects sponsored, and financially supported by the Tuscan Region. Specifically, he collaborated as an expert in the field of production management, logistic and lean production in the following projects:

Private industrial Project (Maselli S.p.a): Business process reengineering and introduction of a new ERP systems, Started in May 2014, still ongoing.

Private industrial Project (Righi S.r.l.): Enlargement of the useful life of the industrial assets , March 2012

Innovation LAB, Private Industrial Project (STEM S.p.a.): Developing lean production through discrete event simulation, February 2012 – December 2012.

Private Industrial Project (Metasistemi S.p.A., Datamat group): Training of the working force to the use of Manufacturing Executing
System (MES), June 2005 – October 2005;

Private Industrial Project (Chimica Laviosa S.p.a.): Introducing Lean principles in a process fir,m Novembre 2005 – Febbraio 2006;

TEST, Regional Project: Development of an automatic tracking system for the marble industry, January 2006 – December 2006.

Private Industrial Project (Chimica Laviosa S.p.A.): Application of Lean Approaches, April 2006 – March 2007;

Private Industrial Project (MGM Motori Elettrici SpA): Development of scheduling techniques for production management and control, September 2006- September 2007;

PRAGMA Regional Project: Technical feasibility analysis for an automated tracking system for the two wheels vehicles industry, January 2007 – December 2008;

Private Industrial Project (SCA Packaging): Testing the RFID technology to track paper coils in the tissue industry, January 2008 – June 2008;

Private Industrial Project (Kedrion S.p.a.): Technical feasibility of an RFID based tracking system for the management of plasma bags, November 2009 – May 2010;

E-Shipyard Regional Project (PORCreo): Extended enterprise: designin an informative system for the management of the supply chain of the yacht industry, June 2010 – December 2011


His research activity has dealt with many topics of industrial engineering:

Development of tools for the introduction of Lean Manufacturing: particular emphasis has been placed on waste removal and identification, by means of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE);

Development of innovative approaches for Logistic partnership and Supply Chain Management: particular emphasis has been placed on Manufacturer to Manufacturer Vendor Managed Inventory (both in terms of mathematical modelling and contractual aspects);

Environmental and Sustainability analysis: LifCycle Analysis (LCA) has been used to: (i) assess the environmental impact due to the production, distribution, usage and disposal of industrial goods, (ii) the impact of innovative chemical processes. Furthermore a detailed analyses has been made to assess the economic and technical feasibility of a Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plant for the combined generation of heat and electrical energy needed by a tissue mill located in the Lucca’s District (Italy).

Simulation and modelling of manufacturing system. For instance some mathematical models have been developed to: (i) define the optimal number of conwip cards in a flow shop system characterised by a batch producing machine, (ii) assess the routing flexibility of a layout, (iii) dynamically manage the inventories, by taking into account the evolution (i.e., the pattern) of the average and of the standard deviation of the demand.

During his research activity, Francesco Zammori has used the following techniques:

Artificial Intelligence Techniques (genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, neural networks);

Multi Criteria Decision Making Technique (AHP, ANP, DEA, TOPSIS);

Multi Variate Statistic (ANOVA, MANOVA, DOE, Principal Components Analysis);

Markov Chains;

Monte Carlo Simulation;

Life Cycle Analysis;

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