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Luca Iori is Assistant Professor of Ancient Greek History. His chief interests are Greek historiography and its reception in modern and contemporary age, with a special focus on Thucydides. He has also investigated the modern reception of Athenian democracy and the history of classical scholarship from the Renaissance to the contemporary age. He has published one book (Thucydides Anglicus, Rome, 2015), several articles and two edited volumes (Thucydides in the ‘Age of Extremes’ and Beyond. Academia and Politics, 2022, co-edited with Ivan Matijašić; La democrazia ateniese in età moderna e contemporanea, 2023, co-edited with Ugo Fantasia). Together with Kinch Hoekstra, he is preparing the critical edition of Thomas Hobbes’s translation of Thucydides (Oxford University Press).

Students are kindly invited to email Prof. Iori to schedule an appointment.

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