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Date of birth: 18 December 1979

Office Address: Via Kennedy, 6 43125 Parma

Department of Economics and Management


Phone: IT +39 0521 034819



Position at University

2019-on: Associate Professor in Work and Organizational Psychology, at the Department of Economics and Management (University of Parma)


Education and career

-From 2010 to 2019: Researcher (M-PSI/06) at University of Parma

-From 2008 to 2010: Research Grant in Work and Organizational Psychology at University of Bologna.

-2008: Ph.D. in Social Psychology at University of Parma (Dissertation title: The mixed family. Cultural belonging and family relational dynamics).

-2003: Master Degree in Psychology, curriculum Job and Organizations (110/110 cum laude), at the University of Parma.


Teaching experiences in Work and Organizational Psychology:

-2017/18-on: Course on “Work and Organizational Psychology” (9 CFU, Bachelor’s Degree), at the Department of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Parma;

-2014/15-on: 2015-16: Course on “Work, Organizational and Human Resources Psychology” (2 CFU, Master’s Degree), at the Department of Medicine and Surgery of University of Parma

-2015/16-on: Course on “Work and Organizational Psychology and Management” (6 CFU, Bachelor’s Degree), at the Department of Economics and Management of University of Parma.


Main research interests

-Quality of working life

-Work-related stress

-Healthcare professionals and emergency medical services volunteers’ well-being

-Technology acceptance and technostress

-Human resources assessment and management

-Vocational and career guidance



Institutional responsibilities:

-2020-on: Coordinator of the “Placement Commission”, Department of Economics and Management.

-2019-on: Coordinator of the “Gender budgeting Commission” of the University of Parma

-2010-on: Member and tutor of the PhD College at the Department of Humanities, Social and Cultural Enterprises, University of Parma.

-2011-on Supervisor of master and bachelor thesis, University of Parma.


PHD Thesis supervised:

-PhD Michela Tonelli (in progress): “Psychosocial aspects facilitating the job reintegration of the unemployed: the outcome of career guidance paths” (Industrial Doctorate in collaboration with IFOA).

-PhD Emanuela Alfieri (2014): “Human capital and healthcare organization: professional roles, skills and professional action”, in collaboration with prof. W. Levati

-PhD Giorgio Lorenzi (2019): “Psychosocial Aspects Of The Acceptance Of Innovation Technology And Effects On Performance And Well-Being: The Fleet Crews Smartphones In Actv” (Industrial Doctorate in collaboration with ACTV Comapny of Venice)



Research activities (funded projects)

-2020-on: Principal Investigator of the project “Improvement of the efficiency of the University’s Administrative Structures through the perspective of the Strategic Human Resources Management” (University of Parma).

-2018-on: Partecipant in CAPuS Project, a co-funded by ERASMUS+- Knowledge Alliances. The consortium is composed of 15 full partners and 2 associated partners from 6 countries.

-2009-2008: Participant in the European Project of Integrated Action Italy-Spain, concerning personal and psychosocial consequences of early retirement. Principal Investigators: Prof. Marco Depolo, University of Bologna and Prof. Carlos Maria Alcover de la Hera, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid.

-2009-2008: Participant in PRIN 2008 - Psychosocial factors in safety and work-related stress: Multi-method development and validation of an assessment model. Principal Investigator: Prof. Marco Depolo, University of Bologna.

-2004: Partecipant in Cofin – MIUR Project "Rules and transgressive behaviors in adolescence". Principals Investigators: Prof. F. Emiliani (University of Bologna) and Prof. L. Fruggeri (University of Parma).


Participation to Research projects

-2020-on: Partecipation to the interdepartmental Project of University of Parma entitled “Socio-psychological factors favouring well-being of operators and volunteers of public assistance associations.” realized in the headquarters of variuos Italian regions.

-2020: Scientific Coordinator of the research project entitled “The impact of the COVID-19 emergency on health professionals: coping strategies, resilience and psychosocial risk factors and health outcomes”, realized in the Local Health Unit Company Of Piacenza.

-2015: Scientific coordinator of the research project "Intensive care hospital organization: perception of organizational change and new roles", realized in the University Policlinic of Parma.

-2013: Scientific coordinator of the research project "Role competencies mapping of the Nurse Coordinator”, realized in the Local Health Unit of Parma.

-2012: Scientific coordinator of the research project "Role competencies mapping of the physicians who work in Care Homes for the Elderly: assessment and development of human resources", realized in the Local Health Unit of Parma.

-2010: Scientific coordinator of one unit of the research project “Assessment of Psychosocial risk factors and human resources management”, realized in retail companies.

-2009-2008: collaboration with the University of Bologna in the research projects: “The quality of working life and psychosocial risk factors assessment”, realized in the University Policlinic of Bologna”.


Awards for research activity

Best practical implications Award for the paper "Can an opportunity to learn at work reduce stress? A revisitation of the Job Demand-Control model" Journal of Workplace Learning, Volume 22, Issue 3, 2010 (authors: Panari, C., Guglielmi, D., Simbula, S., Depolo, M.).


Memberships of scientific societies

EAWOP (European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology);

AIP (Associazione Italiana Psicologia).


Reviewer services

Journal of workplace learning, Psicologia Sociale, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Staff Mobility

During the PhD period, in 2007, she had the chance to collaborate with Prof. Arlene Vetere in a study period at the School of Human Science of the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK.



Professional Activity

-Consultations related to assessment of work-related stress in some companies.

-Teaching experiences in courses on work safety in school organizations.

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