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Current position:
Since November 2010
Tenured Researcher of Labor Law – Department of Law, University of Parma

2003 - 2006
University of Ferrara – School of Law
Ph.D in European and Comparative Labor Law
Final thesis: Workers’ involvement in European company governance
Project supervisor: Prof. Gian Guido Balandi
1997 - 2002
School of Law, University of Bologna
Law Degree
Final Thesis: Collective agreements and jurisdiction in public service
Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Franco Carinci
September/January 2002
Visiting student at Dickinson College Center for European Studies in Bologna, where I attended the course and passed the exam of Comparative industrial Relations, Prof. Marco Biagi
September 2000/ February 2001
Socrates–Erasmus program at the University of Leiden, School of Law (The Netherlands)

Professional experiences:

Legal practice:
Since September 2005
Admitted to the Bar in Italy as Attorney (Avvocato): I have been providing independent consulting on various labor law issues to some employers located in northern Italy and operating in several economic sectors, trade unions, workers and employees
November 2002 – November 2004
Trainee Attorney at Law Firm “Studio Legale Prof. Franco Carinci”, located in Bologna

Academic activity:
September 2013 – Feb 2014
Visiting scholar at Columbia law school, for carrying on a research project on “The function of collective bargaining agreements in the age of competition: evidence from the us system of industrial relations”
Since September 2013
Member of the scientific committee of the PhD Program of the universities of Parma and Modena
Since September 2012
Adjunct Pofessor of European and International Labor law (English course), University of Parma School of Law
Since September 2012
Adjunct Professor of Legal English (Civil and Labor Law), University of Parma School of Law
Since March 2012
Adjunct Professor of Labor Law, Faculty of Medicine, University of Parma
September 2011 – September 2012
Adjunct Professor of Contract law – European and International Labor law (English course), University of Parma School of Law
January 2011 – December 2012
Member of EuSoCo - European Social Contract Law Group, international research group coordinated by Prof. Luca Nogler, University of Trento, and Udo Reifner, University of Hamburg
Since September 2011
Member of the Committee on Discipline of the University of Parma
September 2011 – September 2014
Labor Law Tutor at the Post-Graduate School for Legal Professions
February 2011
Lecturer at the Master in Law and Management of Public Administration -Trentino School of Management – University of Trento
Academic years 2008/2009 and 2009/2010
Lecturer at the Health Care Professions Management Master, Alma mater Foundation, University of Bologna (Bologna and Rimini)
October 2008/September 2010
Research fellow in Labor Law at the University of Bologna
Research project: “Transnazionalizzazione del sistema economico – produttivo e regolamentazione giuridica del lavoro: analisi dei processi di evoluzione degli ordinamenti statali e meta-statali” (“Economic and productive system’s transnationalization and legal regulation of work: analysis of national and transnational legal systems’ processes of evolution”)
Project supervisor: Prof. Franco Carinci
Participation at the research project, “The ethical governance of the enterprise: social accountability and SA8000 certification”, financed by CISE – Center for economic development and innovation, Forlì - Italy
Academic years 2006/2007 and 2007/2008
Lecturer at the Master in Labour, Welfare and Human Resources, University of Parma, Faculty of Economics
December 2005/February 2008
Research fellow in Labor Law at the University of Bologna
Research project: “Il lavoro a progetto tra disciplina legislativa e autonomia collettiva. Ricerca ed analisi della rispondenza del modello contrattuale alla realtà socio-economica del territorio” (“Contract work’s legislative and collective regulation; suitability to the economic reality of the territory”)
Project supervisor: Prof. Sandro Minardi
Since the academic year 2006/2012
Lecturer at the Post-graduate School for Legal Professions of University of Parma
July 2005
Fellowship for the participation to the “Seminar of Comparative Labor Law of Pontignano”, University of Siena and AIDLASS (Italian Organization of Labor Law and Social Securtity), on “Collective representation and participation rights of workers”;
September 2003/June 2004 and September 2004/June 2005
Tutor for the chair of Labor law, University of Bologna Law School, Prof. Sandro Mainardi
Participation at the research group appointed in November 2002 by the President of the Council of Ministers (Department for the Civil Service) and the University of Bologna for researching and studying on «La dirigenza nell’ambito dei differenti modelli istituzionali delle pubbliche amministrazioni. Profili giuridici e contrattuali» (Public management in the different institutional models of public administration. Legal profiles), co-ordinated by Prof. Franco Carinci

Other academic collaborations:
- Since academic year 2006/2005
Scientific and educational collaboration with the Chair of Labor law, University of Parma, Faculties of Economics (Prof. Luigi Angiello) and Law (Prof. Enrico Gragnoli)
- Since academic year 2006/2005
Scientific and educational collaboration with the Chair of Labor law, University of Bologna, Faculty of Law (Prof.s Franco Carinci and Sandro Mainardi) –;
- Since academic year 2003/2005 until 2006/2007
Scientific and educational collaboration with the Chair of Labor law, University of Ferrara, Faculty of Law (Prof. Gian Guido Balandi) –
- - Since academic year 2003/2005 until 2006/2007
Scientific and educational collaboration with the Chair of Labor, University of Cosenza, Faculty of Economics (Prof. Enrico Gragnoli)
In the above mentioned Faculties I held many seminars and lectures about employment contract and collective bargaining in public service labor law, workers’ involvement in European Company, certification of employment contract, trade union law, labor market and non-standard employment contracts (part-time, agency work).
In the above mentioned Faculties, appointed with the title of “Cultore della materia” (voluntary assistant researcher) in Labor Law

Participation in international and national conferences, workshops and scientific meetings:
May 20th 2014
EACLE Conference European-American Consortium for Legal Education. “General Principles of Law: The Role of the Judiciary”, University of Parma, Law Department, with a presentation on “Antidiscrimination Law and Limits to the Power of Dismissal in the American and Italian Legal Systems: A Comparative Analysis”
May 29th and 30th, 2014
“Giornate di Studio Aidlass 2014 - Clausole generali e diritto del lavoro” (Aidlass conference 2014 – General clauses and labour law)
June 9th, 2011
Rendimento del lavoratore e valutazione del lavoro (Workers' productivity and job evaluation), University of Parma, Faculty of law
May 18th, 2011
EuSoCo – European Social Contract Law- Conference, University of Hamburg
May 10th , 2010
Le novità normative in tema di rapporto di lavoro pubblico: il D.Lgs. 150/2009 (New legal provisions in public service: the Legislative Decree n. 150/2009), Chamber of Commerce of Parma, Parma, with a presentation on La malattia del dipendente pubblico (Sick leave of the public service worker)
October 22nd - 23rd, 2009
Seminari di Bertinoro dialoghi di diritto del lavoro tra terra e cielo (Bertinoro Workshops. Labor dialogues between earth and see). “Percorsi di ricerca e di carriera: i convegni, i concorsi e le conferme”, V edition, University of Bologna, University Residential Centre Bertinoro, for a presentation of a paper written with Prof. Enrico Gragnoli, I convegni: fra immagine e ricerca (Scientific conferences: between image and research)
May19th-20th, 2008
European legal integration: the new Italian scholarship, discussing the paper “Trade and Labour within the European Generalized System of Preferences: building global democracy on sand?”, at the New York University School of Law, edited with Prof. Riccardo Salomone (University of Trento)
May 16 th, 2007
Le novità della legge finanziaria 2007: la stabilizzazione dei precari (New provisions in the finance act 2007: the stabilization of precarious workers), University of Parma, Faculty of Economics
May 8th, 2006
“Labour law and the firm”, Labour Law Department of the University of Leuven (Belgium), with a presentation on Workers involvement in the SE

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