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Barbara Gherri currently works at the Dept. of Engineering and Architecture, Università di Parma. Barbara does research in Architectural Engineering. She demonstrated a clear understanding of the global environmental challenges and the universal need for carbon reduction strategies particularly with regards to the built environment and the importance of daylighting and passive bioclimatic systems therein.

arbara Gherri acquired her Master Degree in Architecture at University of Parma in 2008, then she got her PhD at University of Parma in “Form and Stucture for Architecture”. Since 2010 she is a licensed architect sand Energy assessor for Emilia Romagna Region.
In 2012 she won a post doctoral research fellowship at University Of Parma in Architectural Engineering on the topic: “Edilizia Universitaria: definizione di parametri ambientali per il comfort visivo degli spazi per la didattica e lo studio: valutazione per interventi di riqualificazione ambientale e luminosa del patrimonio edilizio esistente.”
In 2017 she won the competition for University Researcher in Architectural Engineering at the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Parma.
The research activities are focus on the assessment of the building's environmental performance and energy saving strategies by integration of passive solutions; on the definition of design criteria for environmentally sustainable development, especially on Early-Stage Environmental Modeling for Climate Based Design.
A specific research line concerned the environmental design for indoor and outdoor comfort and the use of passive bioclimatic strategies, at the scale of building envelope and for the environmental design of the micro-settlement scale. Moreover, the interest for Architectural Engineering focuses on the use of innovative materials and technologies for the building envelope for energy-performance design and for the retrofit of existing solutions, as well as on daylight evaluation, with regards to static and dynamic calculation methods and measurements.
Her researches have been published in national and international works and her books on the subject of daylighting assessment can be found in the main national and international 

university libraries, such as: Loughborough University (UK), Library of congress, Stanford (USA), Harward Library, University of Toronto- Daniels- (CA) and many more.
She participated as invited speaker at Light Fair International 2011, Philadelphia, USA, in the session Light Fair Daylighting Institute, Daylighting in Schools, with an intervention named: “Daylighting strategies in educational spaces in Italy”.
She participated as invited speaker at The 4th VELUX Daylight Symposium, Lausanne(CH) in 2011.

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