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Professor of Manufacturing and Computer Aided Manufacturing at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Parma, and of Technology Innovation Management at MIP the Business School of the Engineering University, Politecnico di Milano.
He received a Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Engineering Politecnico di Milano, and a Master in Business and Administration from SDA School of Mangement of Bocconi University of Economy, Milano. He did research activities at UMIST University of Manchester Institute of Technology and University of Swansea, UK, University of Massachusetts, USA, WZL Laboratorium fuer Werkzeugmaschinen und Betribslehre Technische Hochschule Aachen, Germany.
His past and present research work covers several areas, including:
- surface coatings, innovative thin films, multilayered and thick coatings, PVD, CVD, PACVD, HVOF and Plasma Spray processes for biomedical, industrial and food-processing applications;
- modeling and characterization of products and processes for the textile industry: woven cloth and non-woven cloth with artificial fibers;
- characterization of the three-dimensional micro and nano topography of engineered surfaces with contact techniques (contact stylus profilometry) and non-contact techniques (laser interferometry and laser conoscopic holography), with Atomic Force Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy;
- characterization of the micro and nano geometry of surfaces belonging to biomedical devices, prostheses and implants, and of mechanical parts belonging to machinery and industrial plants, energy plants (e.g. gas turbine blades), and food-processing plants;
- characterization of the microstructure of metallic and non metallic materials: microhardness testing, nanohardness testing and scratch testing;
- Rapid Prototyping and Tooling by means of DLS (Direct Laser Sintering) and 5-axis CNC milling;
- flexible and integrated automation of manufacturing systems and processes (CIM, FMS, FAS);
- modeling, testing, planning and on-line control of conventional and innovative machining processes, including multi-axis milling, laser beam cutting, high definition plasma cutting of metallic and ceramic materials, abrasive water jet machining of conventional and innovative materials (composite materials with metallic and polymeric cores, amorphous materials, ceramic cores, multilayered hybrid materials);
- modeling, testing, planning and on-line control of conventional and innovative forming processes, including stretch forming;
- computer-aided process design and planning (CAPP/CAAP, CAD/CAM);
- computer-aided product design (CAD/CAE); product design methodologies, design for assembly, disassembly, recycling, life-cycle design and analysis, methodologies for the development of new products.

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