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PhD in Philosophy of Language, Università del Piemonte Orientale, 2004.

Laurea in Philosophy, Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, 1999.





Associate Professor, Dipartimento di Discipline Umanistiche, Sociali e delle Imprese Culturali (DUSIC), Università degli Studi di Parma (Ssd M-FIL/05), since March 2015.





Lecturer, Dipartimento di Filosofia, then Dipartimento di Antichistica, Lingue, Educazione, Filosofia (ALEF), Università degli Studi di Parma (Ssd M-FIL/05), from November 2006 to February 2015.

Università di Bologna, research grant offered by the Scuola Superiore di Studi Umanistici, 2005-2006.

Università di Bologna, research fellowship, 2004-2005.

Università di Bologna, lecturership, 1999-2000.





University of California at Los Angeles, 2008 (visiting lecturer).

University of California at Los Angeles, 2005 (university affiliate).

Uppsala Universitet, 2002 (visiting student).





Philosophy of Linguistics and Language (Dubrovnik, 10-14\9\2018): “Reference and causal chains”.

Language and Reality: Themes From Michael Devitt (Barcelona, 3-4\9\2018): “Reference and causal chains”.

Ancient and Artificial Languages in Today’s Culture (Torino, 8-9\6\2018): “The language of thought as a logically perfect language”.

La comprensione linguistica (Bergamo, 20-21\3\2018): “Significato e comprensione” (Meaning and Understanding).

XXIII Congresso Nazionale della Società di Filosofia del Linguaggio (Bologna, 19-21\1\2017): “Nomi comuni” (Common Names).

Devices of Reference (CSMN, Oslo, 9-10\6\2015): “Reference and language”.

Workshop on Artifacts: Semantics and Metaphysics (Barcelona, 3-4\5\2013): “Artifactual terms”.

Workshop on Reference and Frege Puzzles (Umeå, 17\11\2012): “Speaker’s reference and semantic reference: a theoretically useful distinction?”.

Mental Phenomena: Philosophy of Linguistics (Dubrovnik, 3-7\9\2012): “Repetition and reference”.

Reference and Proper Names (Parma, 16\2\2012): “Repetition and reference”.

First Parma Workshop on Semantics and Pragmatics (Parma, 12\9\2011): “Speaker’s reference and semantic reference: a theoretically useful distinction?”.

Talking Heads: 1st Milano – Paris Workshop on Mind and Language (Milano, 27-28\6\2011): discussant.

Reference (Parma, 9-11\9\2010): “Repetition and reference”.

Meaning (Erfurt, 3-5\9\2009): “Two ways of being a (direct) referentialist”.

Referential First Forty Years: Keith Donnellan’s Festival (Bologna, 6-8\3\2008): “Two ways of being a (direct) referentialist”.

IX TIF (Girona, 8-9\1\2007): “Dicing with Saul Kripke”.

Concetti. Teorie filosofiche e psicologiche a confronto (Padova, 9\6\2006): “Che cosa esattamente è chiamata a spiegare una teoria dei concetti” (What exactly a theory of concept should explain).

Mental Processes: Representing and Inferring (Genova, 19-21\10\2005): “A more Kaplanian way to get a unified account of language and thought”.

Cognizione e Computazione (Padova, 14-16\10\2004): discussant.

Workshop on Concepts (Accion Integrada hispano-italiana, Granada, 18-20\10\2003): “Concepts as words”.

XIII Convegno nazionale dei dottorati di ricerca in filosofia (Reggio Emilia, 16-19\12\2002): “Concetti” (Concepts).

IX Congresso Nazionale della Società di Filosofia del Linguaggio (Noto, 10-12\10\2002): “Linguaggio del pensiero e linguaggio pubblico” (Language of thought and public language).

Concepts (Bologna, 17-19\12\2001): “Concepts as words”.

VIII Italo-spanish meeting of Analytic Philosophy (Santiago de Compostela, 19-20\11\2001): discussant.

VIII Congresso Nazionale della Società di Filosofia del Linguaggio (Cosenza 20-22\9\2001): “Linguaggio e concetti” (Language and concepts).

VI Coloquio hispano-italiano de Filosofia Analitica (Granada, 30\9–1\10\1999):  “Concetti, parole e tracce percettive” (Concepts, words, and perceptual tracks).





Member of the Board of the PhD program "FINO".

Consulting Editor for the Journal of the American Philosophical Association, and  Referee for American Philosophical Quarterly, Analysis, Argumenta, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Dialectica, Erkenntnis, Esercizi Filosofici, Journal of Philosophical Research, Journal of Philosophy, Linguistics and Philosophy, Philosophia, Philosophical Quarterly, Res Philosophica, Rivista di Estetica, Rivista Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio, Springer, Synthese, Theoria, Topoi, the MIT Press, Routledge, and Springer.

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