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. 1981 - M.S. in Engineering Mechanics - Virginia Politechnic Institute and State University (USA)
. 1979 - Degree in Mechanical Engineering - Faculty of Engineering, University of Bologna

Academic career:
. Since 2000 he is Full Professor in the SSD ING-IND/14 "Design and Construction of Machines", now merged with SC 09/A3 at the University of Parma
. 1993-1999 Associate Professor in the S.S.D. ING-IND/14 "Design and Construction of Machines", at the University of Parma
. 1983-1992 University Researcher SSD I08 "Machine Design" at the University of Bologna

. He currently teaches the following courses
Machine design at the undergraduate Mechanical engineering degree program of the University of Parma
Advanced machine design at the post graduate Mechanical engineering degree program of the University of Parma
. In recent years he has held courses Evaluation of structural integrity, Mechanics of materials, Finite element method in mechanical design and Product Design and Development, Critical analysis of the product.

. Co-founder in 2006, president and Chief Technical officer of the University spin-off TP Engineering (http://www.tpengineering.it/) that deals with product innovation, design methodologies, optimal use of materials and technology transfer through projects aimed at companies in various sectors such as mechanical engineering, automotive, hydraulic power, etc..

Scientific activity:
. Author of over 200 publications in journals and presented at national and international conferences,
. his research topics are: design for structural integrity (fatigue and fracture), the mechanical behavior of materials, failure analysis, mechanical testing, the composite materials, design/technology/material interaction.
. reviewer of international journals such as Experimental mechanics, fracture mechanics Engineering, Composites, Fatigue Fract Eng and Mat & structs., Mechanics, Strain, Intern. Jou. Analysis of Strain in Engrng Design, Optics & Lasers in Engineering.

Representation activities:
. Since 2008 he has been President of the National association of the faculty members of the SSD ING/IND-14 Mechanical design and construction of machines.
. Since 2008 he is a member of the board of directors of the national association Coordinamento della Meccanica Italiana (http://www.coordinamentomeccanica.it/), born to represent the sector from the point of view of the academic component and aimed at promoting interaction among academy industry and institutions.

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